In South of France

Hello Dears, I am posting from France. I arrived here 08/07 for my Artistic Residency Period in Air vallauris. Air Vallauris is an Artistic Residency that receives in majority visual artists specially ceramicists since the region became famous because Picasso lived here and worked with ceramic at that time, here he no only painted by also made sculptures. Before comes to Vallauris he had not work with ceramic yet and here he could meet artists in the area and develop his projects on this field. 

I am proud I am the first singer participating in this Program representing my 2 Countries: Iceland and Brazil.

Vallauris is a Historic City , belongs to Golfe Juan and is located in the French Riviera or Côte d'Azur, just 15 minutes from Cannes.

Its great be here and breath Art ! Very easy get inspired by all the beauty around.

Its great have this interchanging with the Artists that are residing with me in Air Vallauris: Megumu HORIUCHI (Japan), Chie KOIKE (Japan), Heloisa POMFRET (USA / Brazil), Anne Kristine TOGSTAD (Norway). 

Dale Dorosh is the Director of the Residency and he is a lovely host.

People in the area are friendly and open. I feel me well  talking with them. Very Nice!

I will visit places that I visited before many years ago on vacations on the Riviera with my ex-boyfriend like Cannes, Nice, Monaco , etc, that was the time when I fell in love with French Riviera ( I was in love with my ex-boyfriend too, I was happy with him at that time but... it is another history and I still hope be happy in love again, yes I really do!) and I traveled from Monaco to Saint Tropez with him, seeing no only beaches but also the fantastic Medieval cities and their Medieval Castles and eating the wonderful French food. Unforgetable time. Here I am again... that time as an artist.

Coming now as an artist involves work with my music, interchanges, meeting musicians, visiting venues, having time to compose , having the exhibithion of the music I will compose in Air Vallauris 10th August, ( my plan is making versions for the music by Jon Muli - the most famous Icelandic jazz composer) and trying to book some venues for concerts outside Vallauris also. Next week I will meet the manager-producer in BSPOT - Jazz Club. Lots to do and I am happy for that.

In August I am also planning to visit some children schools to see how the sistem works here. Its very important since I am working with children in Iceland since 2008 for the Reykjavik City and hope it will added more to my work with them. I also got a support for my travel from my work association Starfsmannafélag and  its great to work and have a right to get a kind of support like this. Thank you Starfsmannafélag.

By the way Dears, its sunny, its hot and its beautiful and wonderful be here!

Lots of kisses and hugs,


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