My Ancestors - Finding the Viking one 

Let me tell you how I got crazy about my ancestors and did a lot of researching about that and what I have found. I will try to resume the best I can.

My daughter Jaqueline did a DNA test and when she got the results she got emotional and happy because , big surprise she got Nordic gens. Then... I was surprised and I  said that it should be from her father family. We knew that her father family origins were Spanish and Portuguese but we never heard about Scandinavian members of the family. 

You know, my…

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Singing in Iceland - august 2019 

Hello Dears , hope you are all doing well,

I am still with a very good sensation deep in my heart, after being in Iceland, visiting and singing in my second Country.

As you know I am an Icelandic citizen since 2011 and I am proud and gratefull to the Icelandic people for that.

After some years in France and without visiting Iceland for so long time, of course I feel me very happy that I've made it ,

last august.


Seeing Iceland again, seeing Reykjavik, it was so emotional but also a so happy moment…

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On the Magazine - Sophia Métropole Mag² 

It is a lovely way to ending this year, appearing on the magazine Sophia - Metropole Mag. 

Thanks to the journalist Janny Plessis that came to interview me  with Luis Bouillon Baker, Josephine Baker's son. Thanks also to my Press team : Marie-Caroline Lafay and Didier Finco This project is really a project of my heart, a dream project and I really want follow with it  much long as I can, because it is beautiful and very important message to pass to the world.  Each time we realise a dream , we have a…

Spetacle Hommage a Josephine Baker 

Hello dears,

We just had my conference de Presse 07/09 and the concert date 22/09 is arriving,

Please, see here the video of the Conference, with the special participation of Josephine Baker's son: Luis Bouillon Baker.

I translated it for you, so you have the text on youtube, just acces to it to understand what he is talking about. Lots of emotion for me on his words. Just wonderful.

Text in English and in Portuguese

I also gave the interview telling about my way from Brazil to Iceland before moving to…

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Josephine Baker a la Bresilienne 

A Josephine Baker in Brazilian style !

We will be back with my concert celebrating Josephine Baker in the Theatre de Cannes - Theatre Alexandre III, 22/09/18 21h

and if you will be by the French Riviera, drop by to watch it! You will not regret!

I am so glad with this concert, it's a big pleasure to sing it and to tell Josephine history accompanied by:

Eros Codogli - Piano

Pierre Palvair - Guitar

Cedric Le Donne - Batterie

Nicolas Castagnola - Percussion

An independent production with support of my dear…

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Fete de La Musique 2018 - Jussanam Quartet - Mougins Village 

Fete de La Musique !!! It is a National event in France that celebrates music with concerts everywhere !!! It's,wonderfull!

I was singing that day, 21/06/2018 an open air concert in the Mougins Village with Eros Cordogli on piano, Georges ferrero on the Bass and Cedric Le Donne in the drums. 




What a nice Village , with a so nice people. The audience was lovely! We enjoyed a lot and they too as they told me and did show me dancing along with me :)


We also had the privilege of being received in…

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MIDEM 2018 

Hi Dears,

I will be in the  MIDEM 2018 from 05/06 to 08/06. My big thanks to the MIDEM team for this.

People always ask me if I will be singing there. No, I will not sing,because to sing there is necessary to have a LABEL and I don't have any LABEL or Manager or Producer. I never had!  In fact I have been producing myself since always and I would love to have a team, I would love to have a LABEL. I really want to find one ! Or maybe, they will find me somehow :) Crossing my fingers.

My focus this year is…

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Interview - About Josephine Baker project - 

D- Icelandic of Brazilian origin, Jussanam is currently preparing a show about the artist Joséphine Baker. With a lot of charm, she will trace the career of the artist. Internet users can also support their project in crowdfunding.

D- Jussanam,can you present us the show about Josephine Baker that you are preparing? How do you imagine, what will be the staging ...?

J- We play a program where…

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Jussanam AVEC Josephine Baker 

Hi dears, this one is a very glad post. I even can say the most glad post ever! Because I realised a dream of long date, to singing Josephine Baker and telling her history with my Brazilian touch and with a lot of Brazilian rythmics. Yes, I am a Josephine Baker a la Bresilienne! :) But, without forget her soul , her essence. 

We had our premiere las Saturday, 24/02/18 in the Theatre Alexandre III in Cannes. 

The public and her family approuved the spectacle. How happy I am!

Can you imagine what it means…

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AVEC Josephine Baker