"The artist of Brazilian origin looks like her idol ... Jussanam shines on stage when she sings Joséphine Baker. She sprinkled her show with a Brazilian tone, which she cannot, whatever happens, take away from her. his voice." ( Gregory Bustori - France 3 TVinfo - 05/12/2021 )

Josephine's family praises the talent of the Brazilian actress Jussanam,believing that she best embodies the great Star that was Josephine Baker,and considering it worthy to revive in this new show,which aims to start a tour."(Brigitte Lachaud) Sortie Media presse  ” - Brigitte Lachaud

FRANCE - Sortie Media Presse

The accent is not the same, but the impression is there: Saturday, she was playing in front of one of the adopted child of the American star, that got emotional and impressed by her (Jussanam) performance."-  Jean-Francois Lixon (Culture Box - France TV)  ” - Jean-Francois Lixon

FRANCE TV Culture Box

Not to be missed under any pretext, sometimes amusing, often touching, original, Jussanam is a Josephine Baker incarnated with elegance and talent. The joy of living, contagious, bursts on stage. The arrangements are superb, and the musicians in perfect balance. A show Unique , original! (Brigitte Lachaud)” - Birgitte Lachaud

FRANCE - Sortie Media Presse 2

  Same smiling expressions, same natural graciousness...Jussanam as Josephine Baker" ( Nice Matin - Gaelle Arama)   "There were many others remakes and I've always been a bit disappointed, but this one is very good. She (Jussanam) has her (Josephine) simplicity. ( Nice Matin - Luis Bouillon Baker )      ” - Gaëlle Arama

— FRANCE Newspaper Nice Matin 08/09/18

It was Jussanam Trio who opened the evening under a strong sun that perfectly conceived to their music, the Brazilian Bossa. A guitarist and a percussionist to accompany Jussanam da Silva, the singer. We will not avoid the everlasting "Garota de Ipanema" but will discover some interesting compositions. It was just missing the lounge atmosphere and cocktails with sun umbrellas." (Jacques Lerognon)” - Jacques Lerognon

FRANCE Nouvelle Vague

Sur le Suquet des Arts - Du classique avec Bach, Mozart ou Bizet mais aussi, de la Bossa Nova avec le groupe Jussanam Quartet qui a fait chalouper le public en début de soirée. - G.A - Nice Matin On the Suquet Arts en Cannes - Bossa Nova with Jussanam Quartet made the audience to dance in the early evening. - G.A - Nice Matin - G.A August 29, 2015” - G.A

— FRANCE Newspaper Nice Matin - Cannes

USA Besides recording outstanding versions of the Jobim classics, “Águas de Março”, very similar in tempo and voice tone to Elis Regina’s version, “Fotografia”, and “Água de Beber”, Jussanam reveals herself as an accomplished composer. She co-wrote the sambas “Amanha é Carnaval”, the Brazilian flavored jazz songs “Verão BH”, and “Quer Saber?”, and the interesting composition “O Telefonema”. This track is the jazzier one on the release and starts with an intro sequence of phone recorded messages and ends with a bluesy guitar solo by Asgeir Asgeirsson. Haukur Grondal adds the jazz touch with his melodic sax on “Quer Saber”, “Águas de Março” and “Água de Beber”. It was also a pleasant surprise to find the name of my friend Manny Cepeda as a co-writer with Jussanam of the samba “Foi você Baiana”. This is a song about falling in love with a baiana, a woman from Bahia. Manny is a Puerto Rican musician/composer living in the United States, and member of the Cepeda family, recognized for keeping the tradition of Bomba music in Puerto Rico. The album also includes the romantic pop ballad “Voce ganhou meu coracão” and the bossa, “Getta hver hun er”, which Jussanam sings perfectly in Icelandic.   http://latinjazznet.com/2013/06/02/reviews/cds/jussanam-rioreyjavik/#MzOIEY8cgqThmuPy.99” - Wilbert Sostre

USA Latin Jazz Network

"Brazilian jazz singer, Jussanam, has an uncanny ability to induce transnational collaboration... Her second album, ‘Rio/Reykjavík’, was released to high acclaim. Jussanam’s band features Icelandic musicians and welcomes the summer with warm, sexy beats from Rio." (Newspaper Reykjavik Grapevine-Shea Sweeney - American Journalist) ” - Shea Sweeney - USA Journalist

— ICELAND / USA Newspaper Reykjavik Grapevine

ICELAND Soft and relaxing Brazilian Jazz Jussanam - Rio / Reykjavik ...The music on Rio / Reykjavik is soft and relaxing latin-jazz and Bossa Nova. The musicians are of great value;Ásgeir Ásgeirsson, Birgir Bragason,Matthías Hemstock, Haukur Gröndal, Agnar Már Magnússon and Cheick Bangoura. The songs are all in this soft style, but still there are songs with some variety.Some are in traditional Brazilian jazz style, while others, like the great "O Telefonema" carried out lounge music. Jussanam is a cool song Lady. Her voice and singing style suit this music perfectly.Its nice to hear her singing in Icelandic Gettu hver hún er. The arrangements of Voce ganhou meu coracao is also quite good, and the song sounds good in Portuguese. Overall, this is a fine album with Jussanam... the album is very well done and flows well throughout.  Traust Juliusson (Frétabladid- Newspaper - 03/01/2013) The results Status: "Brazilian singer Jussanam and some of the leading jazz musicians of Iceland with a good Brazilian jazz album" ” - Trausti Júlíusson

ICELAND Fréttabladid Newspaper - 01/03/2013