My Icelandic musicians in Cannes and our concerts

Hello Dears, long time I dont write here. Hope you are all pretty good.

This month of May is a very glad month because the good season is starting and then I can work more with my music and I had a special visit . 3 of my Icelandic Jazz musicians heve been here from 14/05 to 19/05, then it was great! We played together again in Cannes and in Valbonne, we had full houses and people enjoyed a lot our concerts. They had fun and we too!

It was a dream to have them here playing with me. The band was not complete because we could not have all my band musicians at that time but it was already wonderful to have Asgeir Asgeirsson, Birgir Bragason and Cheick Bangoura here. Wow, it was really great. 

It was the first time that the guys came to the French Riviera then , they used the time off to know the region, they visited Cannes of course and also Valbonne, Antibes and Monaco. And they just loved it . Its a time of Cannes Festival from 13/05 to 24/05 and they could appreciate the festive atmosphere in Cannes . The French Riviera / La Cote d`Azur its really a beautiful and sunny region of France. Very special with its coast and also the mediaval villages. Just lovely, just amazing.

I am sure they will be back some time since they fell in love with the Cote d`Azur as usual happens with everybody that visit it.

I can tell you we had a great time together.

I also got so many compliments from the public that were in our concerts about my singing and about my great musicians and I thanks every one that came to our concerts. It was wonderful have all you with us on those special nights. Thanks!

Today, the guys are going back home. After so many days enjoying the sunny Riviera they will arrive in Reykjavik with a temperature of 3 degrees. Its still cold over there even if is already spring. It will be a big difference but the music they play can warm them up over there . 

I will follow with my concerts here in the French Riviera with my French musicians.We will have a concert au Shapko in Nice next week and I will play with Pierre Palvair and Cedric Le Donne. I hope see you there if you are in France.

I hope a good travel back home to my Icelandic musicians, a big thanks to them and hope see them again here or over there .

Lots of kisses and love to all you,










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