Hope you all a Happy 2016 and peace to our World!


Hello dears, I hope you are having a great time with your families and friends. Enjoying this lovely time of holidays and parties.
I am having a nice time with my daughter, always lovely to have her with me and go out around Cannes or even visiting others cities and villages as Monaco yesterday. The Cote D`azur is full of lights , full of nice Christmas markets to buy, to eat or to drink a hot and traditional VIN CHAUD. We enjoyed our VIN CHAUD in Cannes, at our favorite place in the Christmas Market. I also like to see the children skating on the ice, since there are plenty skating rinks in almost every city at Christmas time.
Another beautiful thing is that in the biggest cities as Cannes, Nice, Antibes and Monaco the Christmas brings the Ferris wheels and the biggest and beautiful one is in Nice but the most beautiful Christmas decoration we found, it was in Monaco. Anyway the whole Cote d`azur is beautiful at that time, You can find lovely decorations everywhere.
I had a nice Christmas dinner with my daughter, everything made by myself as she loves it and with a brazilian cooking touch but we also had on the table some typical French products as the Fois Gras that we love and the French Wines, white and rouge as French has the best Wine in the World as everybody knows.
I missed my family that lives in Brazil of course, my Mother, brothers, sisters and nieces. I cried a little talking with my mother on internet because we could not be together in this Christmas and it was difficult when she started crying seeing me and Jaqueline on the cam.
I also miss good friends from Iceland since we lived there for several years and we had really some of those friends that became as a family from us too. We still feel attached to Iceland and to the people there, as we also are Icelanders citizens. Then we miss be in Brasil and we miss be in Iceland. But we enjoy our Christmas time in France at it best and it is also lovely.
It would be wonderful if the world will be always with this nice Christmas athmosphere , when people think more about peace and love and union. Its very sad that every year we wish lots of good things for us and for others but then the wars does not stop, the terrorism gains place and the hate between nations and between diferent religions continues increasing. Its impossible for me dont not think about the refugee`s children and their families that are having difficult times out of their countries, trying get a place to stay in Europe meanwhile we have our houses and our table full of good food. We still have so many things to learn , we still are so far way from the peace that the world needs. We can only hope every year but as we see...we are still far from it.
As I always say, the world will have peace when the nations will be like Iceland, without Army, without the Army Industry to sell it. Iceland is really a big example for the world in so many senses and when we experiment the kind of society they got there we know that it is possible, but the world is still far from it. Its amazing how a so small country can be so advanced in the way they think, in the way they live, in the way they respect others.
My Brazil is going down and down everyday, its a chaos to brazilian people there and I am so sorry! Its really so sad. Brazil it would be the best place in the world to live if the Brazilian Politicians would care about the people but they dont! They dont care.
France is trying to face the terror. The country is beautiful! The French values are so important to the Country and even to the world but there are so many things that does not work out by here and that are outdated, obsolete! Anyway, they have a beautiful ideal.
We need learn with each other! We need be open to learn with ecah other! We need to learn to care about OTHERS, no only about US or about OURS! We need to learn to live in peace in this world and every year it continues being a dream. Because I am a dreamer, a real dreamer, I will continue dreaming about a peacefull world.
Hope you all a Happy 2016!!! Hope peace to our World and for our children!!! When I say our children, I mean to all children in the world!
Lots of kisses,


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