Concert in France- Fete de la Poterie in Vallauris

Last Sunday, 11/08/2013 I had my first concert here in France and I was accompanied by the French musicians : Jean-Yves "Mestre" and Nicolas Castagnola. Jean Yves Mestre is an excepcional French musician, very known and respected in the French Riviera where he is kindly called and reconigzed as a "Master" for the people and for the other musicians and Nicolas Castagnola wonderful in his percussion,Nicolas plays his percussion as a Brazilian musician, amazing. I could not be more lucky having these guys with me in my first concert here in the South of France. The concert it was in a open Square , Place Lisnard and all people could watch it by free promoted by the Vallauris Tourism Office and Air Vallauris as part of the "La Fete de la Poterie". The City Major was there watching the concert too. I am grateful that the city gave me this opportunity to have a concert in this event. But what made me really happy ,was see the audience enjoying, dancing and being so happy with my concert; I have their smiling faces in my mind today and all nice comments from them I will keep in my heart. Thanks Dale Dorosh-Air Vallauris, Thanks Vallauris City and THANK YOU ALL people that came!!!

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