First Show 2017- La Turbie

  My first show in 2017 it was at la Turbie. A beautiful town close by Monaco , here in the French Riviera

The show it was held in the ceremony of the 2017 wishes by the City Mayor Mr. Jean-Jacques…

Happy New Year 2017

                                                I HOPE YOU ALL A GREAT YEAR 2017!!!

                                      I am still dreaming with a peaceful world, without wars!

                                                                 Best wishes from Cannes!

Concert -Theatre Alexandre III- Cannes

Hello my dears, this blog is to tell you a little bit about my last concert in the Theater Alexandre III in Cannes - 04/11/16 - In fact it was my official PREMIERE with my French Quintet composed by me

Concert at Carlton

There is something wonderful in living and singing in the French Riviera. One day you may sing on the beach , another day you may sing in the mountains.

It was what happened recently with me.

29/06/2016 I was singing

New site, new Band, New projects

Hello Dears, 

Hope the spring is bringing many flowers and colors to your life.

As you can see, I changed a little my site lay-out and I hope you like it. 

I am renewing things, exactly like the spring time