Jussanam AVEC Josephine Baker

Hi dears, this one is a very glad post. I even can say the most glad post ever! Because I realised a dream of long date, to singing Josephine Baker and telling her history with my Brazilian touch and with a lot of Brazilian rythmics. Yes, I am a Josephine Baker a la Bresilienne! :) But, without forget her soul , her essence. 

We had our premiere las Saturday, 24/02/18 in the Theatre Alexandre III in Cannes. 

The public and her family approuved the spectacle. How happy I am!

Can you imagine what it means to sing Josephine Baker with members of her family in the audience? Lots of emotion!!! I am so grateful that they came. Her son Louis Bouillon Baker is just a lovely one and I thanks his brother Jeannot Bouillon Baker that started to share the publicity of my concert on his facebook , calling attention of the rest of the family. I also thanks Delphine, Josephine Bake's grand-daughter because was her that made all contacts with me before the premiere. Delphine's brother  and his little daughter as well her husband also came and they are also very nice . Big thanks to the family!!! Who knows the little one will be an artiste as Josephine, because she got very excited when I asked then to come to stage to get some pictures with me. :)

I also need to say, how wonderful my musiciens are and say here a Big Thanks to them:

Eros Cordogli - Pianiste / Arrangeur - He did a wonderful job! His job with the partitions was vital to our project.

Georges Ferrero - Bassiste - A great musicien! Amazing!

Luciano Dantas - The only Brazilian as me, between the musiciens ! He is Great!

Cedric Le Donne - Batteur - The best I could have in the French Riviera, what a talent!

Then, I have the right musiciens for this project! A Josephine Baker with a Brazilian touch :) 



I created the spectacle and I directed myself on it ! ahahahhaha, no easy at all, lots of work but I am so proud of the result!

I  am a Josephine Baker without bananes :) 

Do you know, I am an independent artist, I don't have a producer, or manager, or whatever professional to help with my artistic job in Europe. Sometimes, I think is not fair with me, follow this way, so alone, but if I don't do myself , when the things will happen? It's better to do myself! I have lots of things to show and I just can't keep to myself. When I see the happiness of my public I know my work it is worth! When everything is done , I know I have accomplished my mission. Then, we go ahead! 

I got very beautiful messages of people that were in the audience 24/02, saying that they would love if I would get be more known , I got also a message from the Josephine Baker's family asking me to don't stop and show this spetacle more and more.They say they recognize my hard work on this project and they say about lots of emotion watching that and that it was really beautiful. Then...what do you think I will do? I hope show this concert everywhere that Will be possible. In France, abroad , everywhere! Everywhere that are people interested in to know and remember the wonderful artiste and woman, Josephine Baker was!

Merci mes amours, Jean-Marc Laniece et ma fille Jaqueline Luquez pour tout soutien! Very gratefull of yours support!

Merci Josephine Baker! Merci d'etre AVEC moi!!!











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