Top, Top, Top! Thanks

Hello Dears, I will post here some news all together because I had no time to post before.

 The first one is about my song Samba-Rumba in partnership with the Icelandic composer,  Ingvi Thor Kormarksson. The song is one of the winners in the contest USA Songwriting. The song is a TOP 10 winners in the category World. Ingvi is an Icelandic composer that writes a lot of songs with Latin rythms and the song Samba-Rumba he asked me to write lyrics for and then invited me to record it for his album Latin Faculty. The album came out in 2012.

The second one is that I moved  to South of France and then, the songs from my CD Rio / Reykjavik at Number One Music continues with a mark of 3.000 plays per day on the site and also it have been in the Top 10 of all genres for France on the site and also the number one on the site in all genres - France and I am the number one in the Jazz - France too. of course I am very glad and I wanna send a big thanks to all my fans that are listening my songs everyday and sending me so good reviews and messages about my sound with my band and my singing. THANK YOU!!!

The third one is that I am also the number one on the site Reverbnation in the Jazz in - Cannes - France. more time, Thank you all that have been following me, listening me, sharing my music and subscribing as my fans. THANK YOU!!!

Lots of kisses and love,











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