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All reviews that I get on the Number One Music site are so great to read as well so many amazing private messages encouraging me go ahead with my musical work. Some of those private messages touched my heart deeply and I am so grateful for those demonstrations of love and appreciation with me and my musical work, musicians and partners.As an independent artist I can just be proud and happy and say: Thank you all!!!


Below you can read some of reviews from listeners and musicians that are on the site. I decided shared only some of them here but , be sure I appreciated all reviews that are on the site. Thank you so much!

The reviews are of my song "Verão BH" that is part of my CD Rio / Reykjavik and the song is my partnership with my Swedish friend ,the musician and composer Harald Erici.

"Softer Side of Anyone! I'm totally in love with her voice and the smooth flowing of the production from her music partner Harald Erici simple and full of character! This would be a song you hear in movies like "Sisterhood Of traveling Pants' or a James bond scene while 007 dances to get more closer to his target! Classic sound and nostalgic feeling production!" (ICJonhsson - Califórnia - USA.)

"Excellent Work! I so appreciate the subtlety and understatement in this music. It is so different than my music... This is a refreshing listen to. The arrangement of all the musicians and singer is excellent and above reproach. My only advice is that these artists need something to separate themselves from the crowd. A song with a uniquely different melody and extra memorable words would be in order to get a hit song so that more people can appreciate these great musicians." (Mark Alberto Nunez - California, United States)

"Magnifico.This is some of the "Mo' Better " stuff as Spike Lee would say. I am impressed.When I found the origin was Iceland(which is a lush green oasis surrounded by icy seas)I wondered if the author of this wonderful musical manuscript was a native or came to the top of the world by way of the gulf stream. This evoke nostalgia of the hey day of the resorts in Cuba. Her voice blends in as a gentle woodwind instrument. This is a great recording. Pardon me while I float away on these bewitching notes." (dffrence3 - Ohio, United States)

Beautiful! I don't think I'm really worthy to judge this music. Classy and sexy. What a wonderful voice. I've just poured a glass of wine and stuck the song on again. Ahhhh... Quality musicians. Tasteful. A gorgeous recording. Not a bad word to say about that one." (Many eyes - United Kingdom - UK)

"Interesting combo, the South and North! Like it very much, classic! Within the genre I would say you're pretty much top of the line!" (Katharina Lharer -California, United States)

"...this shows the language of the art transcends.

Great work all over this product. Please keep it up" (James Woodley- North Carolina, United States )

"Well I am a jazz lover and I do love this song and the way it is done with the female vocal beautiful voice... With this music I can see dancing with my lady to this song into the early morning.. Great Vocal.. Great Music.. Good Luck to you in your future music endeavors.(Tim Stevens Kentucky, United States)

"Awesome! What a lovely vibe, and such a lovely voice. So relaxing, I really did enjoy listening to this track. A good one for if you're feeling particularly fragile, I'd say." (Cornelius Jones- Áustralia)

"I'm a sucker for Brazilian music, and Portuguese is a sweet language for music regardless. I am not qualified to judge this comparatively in the context of Brazilian Jazz, but for what it's worth, from my perspective, I love it. I have no complaints about musicianship or production. I could listen to this music all day long." (Eric blackmer - New Hampshire, United States)

"Having now gone to her page to learn more about Jussanam, I am even more impressed. Good back story! She is lucky to have hooked up with such good musicians in Iceland. I'm certain that Iceland's music scene is better for this music. Good show!" (Eric Blackmer- New Hampshire, United States)

"I am found of Brazilian music and this a beautiful song of that style. The musicians are excellent and the vocalist clear, clean and beautiful. It's sounds live. I'm wondering if it was recorded live. It definitely has that feel which is great. I feel like I'm in the the tropics, relaxed on a beautiful beach. Great job!! (LaCat - California, United States)

"Very Pleasant Love that jazzy sound. Very Good vocal, piano, guitar. Loved the whole sound. The very best to you all." (Carol Camille - Florida, United States)

"Wonderful jazz tune here. Great female voice and arrangements in this song. The piano is very relaxing and it seems that we can go where we want. A feeling, an emotion and the good things that the music may awake. Very good work." (Aira Winterland - Brazil)



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