Singing in the Borgholm Castle -Maria Rylander wedding

On the last Friday ,4/10 ,I traveled from France to Sweden with a secret mission, to sing in the wedding of my Dear Swedish friend and singer Maria Rylander to be realized 05/10. She did not know I was there to sing as her parents asked me to keep secret about that. I was accompanied on piano by my no less dear friend Harald Erici that is also my musical partner. It was a veeeery special night in Sweden! Its not always that one can sing in a medieval Castle and it makes this date still more memorable,  Everything was so perfect, and beautiful and fun, we had a delicious dinner after my singing and Maria was one of most happy brides I have seen in my life. She and the groom enjoyed a lot and we too. The wedding party  had also the Borgholm Big band and Maria and her Groom, Calle Warnelov danced together  a coreography so well done and so funny , they were great! And later on... everybody danced with the sound of a Blues band.It was just WONDERFUL!!!! It is unforgettable! 

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