Samba Rumba - By Ingvi Thor Kormárksson and Jussanam


I am glad that I recorded a participation in the album Latin Faculty (Latinudeildin) invited by Ingvi Thor Kormarkssón by side of so great Icelandic Singers.

 Ingvi Thor Kormárksson invited me to write the lyrics in Portuguese for one of his songs "Við dönsum samba" and I wrote and gave the name "Samba-Rumba" for my version into Portuguese.

The song is singing by me in Portuguese and also in Icelandic by Mjöll Holm with Ingvi lyrics in Icelandic.

 On this link you can hear my version in Portuguese:


From the album "Latínudeildin - Latin Faculty.

Music by Ingvi Thor Kormaksson

Lyrics and vocals by Jussanam Dejah.

Eddi Lár - guitar

Vignir Thor Stefánsson - kbs

Jóhann Ásmundsson - bass

Stefán S. Stefánsson - flute

Einar Scheving - drums/perc

Íris Gudmundsdóttir-backing vocals

Arr. by Árni Scheving and Eddi Lár.

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