Radio Monaco - Soul Connection

Hi Dears,

I was very glad interviwed by Jean-Christophe Dimino on the Radio Monaco on his program Soul Connection. The interview came on air 28/06/2015 and you still can listen to it on this link

I was accompanied by the French Pianist Paul Bertault. We played in live 3 songs

Foi voce Baiana - Written by me and Manny Cepeda from USA.

Aguas de Marco - By Tom Jobim

and the Girl from Ipanema by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes - On this song Jean-Christophe Dimino sang with me too and it was very nice surprise. He has a beautiful voice and he loves this song.

Jean-Chrstophe Dimino is a very kind person , very gentle and with a beautiful smile. It was great to meet him personally. And I am very grateful with the opportunity he gave me through this interview.

Maybe someday he will come to one of my concerts and he will sing again Girl from Ipanema with me. I also have a song , from my CD Rio / Reykjavik called, Quer saber? that it will be nice sing with him too. Quer saber is a song by me and Harald Erici from Sweden. Who knows we will do that someday? Who knows.

Quer saber ? Take a look

Many hugs and thanks to Jean-Christophe Dimino and all nice people from the Radio Monaco,





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