My concerts at Hotel Martinez - Cannes- Z Plage



It was really wonderful that I have been sang for 2 weeks in June at Grand Hyatt Cannes - Hotel Martinez, at Z Plage. Now that everything is over I see it was like a dream. A very nice dream. 

The  French musicians Pierre Palvair, Jean-Yves Mestre, Max Miguel, Eric Prive, Cedric Le Donne, participated with me on this project.

It was like a "marathone" for me, to sing there, every night, even working hard during the day at my regular job.  It was a lot of work was worth! I am happy I did, I am happy I got it.

My contract as singer with the Martinez Hotel it was very important for me. It is not always that one can be singing contracted for one of the most important 5 stars in Cannes , at La Croisette the full of glamour avenue. Singing at La Croisette, on the beach for a VIP audience it was great but also...even people that were just walking by the La Croisette watched me singing too. In Cannes you have in front of the sea, many blue chairs where you can seat down and enjoy the view without paying nothing. Many people watched my concerts from those blue chairs and it was very special to get a immediately feed-back from them to me. Yes, the most amazing thing is always the interchange with my public and it happened again in Cannes and I was glad! I am thankful to God and to the Hotel Directors that trusted on me for this mission! 

Lots of kisses and love to all you!!!






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