MIDEM 2018

Hi Dears,

I will be in the  MIDEM 2018 from 05/06 to 08/06. My big thanks to the MIDEM team for this.

People always ask me if I will be singing there. No, I will not sing,because to sing there is necessary to have a LABEL and I don't have any LABEL or Manager or Producer. I never had!  In fact I have been producing myself since always and I would love to have a team, I would love to have a LABEL. I really want to find one ! Or maybe, they will find me somehow :) Crossing my fingers.

My focus this year is to find my team , to find my LABEL!

I am also happy that one brazilian singer/composer I love will be in the MIDEM this year: Celso Fonseca .Oh my God, love him! An inspiration for me. I will watch the Celso Fonseca conference, since he will be a speak.What a pleasure!

I will make photos and videos, I promisse,

I also would like to make it clear: My Josephine Baker project is an old dream and I love it but ...I also follow working with my Bossa Nova / MPB concerts and with my own music. 

So...if you want, contact me because my Josephine Baker project , you are welcome!

If you want contact me because you are interested in my Bossa Nova / MPB concerts or in my own songs, please do that! You are very welcome!

If you are a LABEL, Producer, Booker and you will be in the MIDEM this year , you are very welcome! Let's meet ? :)

Lots of kisses to all you,







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