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Hello dears, hope you all are very good,

This blog is to share with all you an interview is english that I gave to  Jan Murtomaa on the Radio Iceland.

Here is the link where you can hear the interview

On this link you start hearing a song played by Tomas R. Einarsson and his band  and for me it was great to hear

that before my interview because Tomas R. Einarsson is for me a musical God-father as I comment in the interview.

Here on this link you can see me singing with his band for the first time on the Icelandic TV

After the Tomas song Jan Murtomaa starts the interview with me and I enjoyed it a lot. He was so kind and it was so nice to know he appreciates my voice, my singing and my CD Rio/Reykjavik that he have been playing on the Radio. We talked about my musical career in Iceland and now in France. About my CD and partnerships with my musicians and composers and I also could talk a bit about things from Iceland, culture, food, my first time there and so on. Really nice. Thanks Jan, thanks Radio Iceland.

The special thing about to talk with the Radio Iceland is that it made me feel closer by people there even being here in France. In fact  I bring all my friends and fans inside my heart. I will never forget everything I did go through there and each one that was with me in the hard times. Iceland touched my emotions deeply and still it does.

Hey, you did not know I am an Icelandic citizen ? Yes, I am an Icelandic. I am thankful for that and I am proud of that too.

Takk fyrir! Stor knus ,




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