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D- Icelandic of Brazilian origin, Jussanam is currently preparing a show about the artist Joséphine Baker. With a lot of charm, she will trace the career of the artist. Internet users can also support their project in crowdfunding.

D- Jussanam,can you present us the show about Josephine Baker that you are preparing? How do you imagine, what will be the staging ...?

J- We play a program where the vast majority of songs have never been performed by other shows that speak about Josephine Baker. It is a spetacle where we show the soul of Josephine but, an older Josephine. This is the Josephine I love, I do not sing like the Josephine of the 20s but I sing the Josephine mature.
The show is an independent production, a singer / actress and 4 musicians on stage. I sing and tell important parts of the life and career of Josephine Baker, we recalled that she was the first International Black Star, born American and who became French. We recall his last concert at the Bobino in Paris in 1975, his concert in Monte Carlo-Monaco, his international tour that includes South America and my country, Brazil. A show with lots of rhythms and a lot of emotion too.
We talk about her life as a mother with her 12 children at Château Les Milandes and her dream of a world without racism, a world of peace and unity.
The show has already had its premiere with the support of the Cannes City on 24/02/18 and with the presence of Josephine Baker's family members. The show has the approval of Josephine's family and they ask me to go ahead, don't stop. But it's difficult without support. For that, I seek support on an online platform (Ulule).

D- Why make a show about Josephine Baker? What do you like about the singer?
J- Josephine Baker is an old passion of me. Her life and career are a great inspiration. Her strength, her courage, her talent and her love for people are the things I like about her.

D- What personal touch will you give to the show?
J- My Brazilian touch, I was born in Rio de Janeiro, the city of Samba and Carnival. So, my touch is a Brazilian touch. And I do not dance the banana dance but, there is a surprise anyway.

What is your favorite song of Josephine Baker?
I chose for this show all my favorites. So, I like the whole program. But I can mention: J'ai deux amours, Avec and Vivre as my favorites.

Josephine Baker had many values ​​and artistic qualities, which ones would you like to continue to transmit?
J- Generosity on stage and in life, joie de vivre, the love for art and the love for children and for people in general.

D- You are currently doing crowdfunding, how will that help you?
The crowdfunding will help me to go ahead with the show, to pay the costs of the production, the new places for the performances (Theaters), we want to go everywhere in France with the show if we find the financing.

You can support Jussanam's show about Josephine Baker on Ulule.

D- What do you like about having an independent production? What are your main difficulties?
J- An independent production means that I have a total control of the artistic part and that is very good. We do art with all the love we have. But it's too difficult to see things grow if we do not have support, if we are alone and for that we arrive at a time we say: I need support, I need new collaborators, I need a Team.

D- When and where should the show begin?
J- The show must re-start as soon as we find the means to pay the technical costs / theaters / transport etc. We are ready, the production is ready. We find the funding, we re-start right away.

D- Will we be able to get some artifacts from the show, such as CDs or DVDs?
J- Yes, I also want to make a CD of the show and later a DVD. But for all that I need to find the funding.

D-Like Josephine Baker, you know different cultures: Brazil, Iceland ... Would you like to play this show in other countries?
J- Yes, that's the goal. In 2012 I managed to tour with my Brazilian music in all the Scandinavian countries with the support of the Nordic Culture Fund.
Now, I'm looking for support to do even more than that, with this project singing Josephine Baker. We start with France and after yes, we want to play in many other countries.

D-What do you want to say to finish?
J- We are ready! Support us and we'll arrive very soon with Josephine Baker near you. We would come with art, talent, our happiness and all our love. Thank you!

D-Merci à Jussanam d'avoir répondu à nos questions !
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