Happy New Year!

Hello Dears, I hope you had a nice Christmas with your family and beloved ones and a great New Years Eve too.

I had my first Christmas and New Years Eve in Cannes- France and it was really nice! I moved to France 6 months ago after 5 years living in Reykjavik-Iceland. 

When I moved to Iceland , I realized how much  Brazilian I was and now that I moved to France I realized how much Icelander I am. Its funny! Let me explain better...When I arrived in Iceland I was totally Brazilian, speaking about how the things were in Brazil, bringing my culture through my singing and music and now in France I am no more only a Brazilian but I am also an Icelandic citizen and I bring Iceland with me too. As I told to my Icelandic friends, I bring with me the "Good Iceland" .I am speaking a lot about Iceland and about how is  life there and how the things are there and I have been showing the Icelandic music too through the Icelandic songs I recorded in my last CD Rio/Reykjavik and also some Jon Muli versions. Of course, a Brazilian artist  from Rio de Janeiro that lived in Iceland for 5 years brings up a lot of curiosity from people, with so many hows and whys about the subject, specially because France is culturally  closer of Brazil than Iceland and French people  knows so much more about Brazil and Brazilians and our culture than people in Iceland knew about Brazil when I arrived there. So... I came to France no only as a Brazilian but as an Icelandic too. It is amazing!

I am a Brazilian , I was born in Rio de Janeiro, I will always be a Carioca but I can not deny the effect of being living for 5 years in Iceland and I can not forget everything I lived there and everything I got from there and from the nice people that were my friends and fans there. I will be eternally grateful!

Happy New Year!!!







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