Galerie Depardieu concert

Hello Dears,

25/06 I had a concert at Galerie Depardieu in Nice-France. Nice is a so beautiful city and so full of life. Its always a gladness be there and specially singing. 

Well... the thing is that it was not easy to get there at the 25/06 evening because there was a strike from the part of the taxi drivers and wow... the traffic was totally blocked and I was just looking the clock and thinking I would not arrived in the Galerie at time of my concert. At that time I was already for 2 and half hours on the way from Cannes to Nice , 2 and half hour on my car with my daughter driving it and I was very tense. 

I decided to call Ernst, that would be come later in September my EX-boyfriend, and he said - I can come to pick you up with my moto because you will not be in Nice at the right timet to sing , everything is blocked.

The first thing I thought - By moto with this dress? 

But he was right, I accepted his help and he came from Valbonne to rescue me in Cagnes Sur mer along the coast where we were sticked for so long. 

I was so happy when he finally arrived. 

Then, I had to up my dress at the high of my thighs to get sit down on the moto. hahahahaha pity I don't have any photo of this moment. 

My daughter said she was a little bit shocked when she saw me going this way by moto - OMG Thats my mother! she exclaimed laughing. But she also said i was very sexy too hahahahaha. Sorry , no photos.

I arrived at time to sing in the Galerie Depardieu with Pierre Palvair and Cedric Le Donne that were there waiting for me. They played so well... they are so good! The audience enjoyed but they were no so many since the traffic was so crazy that day and many people avoided go out to Nice centre by car so far, because the chaos from the taxis strike. 

I got start singing at the right time.

Kisses to you all,




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