Concert at Villa Domergue- Cannes 26/06/2015

My Dears, 

You can't imagine how I was glad with this concert at the Villa Domergue in Cannes. The concert it was part of the event 13eme plénière du Club des Entrepreneurs Cannois headed by the Cannes City Mayor , Mr. David Lisnard.

Many artists from Cannes were there showing their jobs and creativity on this event . I have been invited to show my music and singing as I am a singer living in Cannes. And it was great! I was accompanied by my French pianist Paul Bertault. 

The Villa Domergue is a very special and magical place. The Villa Domergue 's owner was the painter Jean-Gabriel Domergue and his wife , the sculptress Odette Maudrange Domergue is the responsible for the wonderful design that we can see on the Villa Domergue gardens. There are also her art objects for our admiration.

The couple lived in the Villa Domergue since 1932 , Jean Gabriel Domergue died in 1962 and 1973  his wife Odette Domergue donated the Villa Domergue to the Cannes City.

The Villa Domergue became a Historique Monument and one « Patrimoine du XXe siècle ».

The Villa hosts official events and since the 1990s the Villa is the place where the official jury of the Cannes Film Festival meet to the final deliberation designating the winner of the Palme d'Or. The Villa also hosts the Jazz au Domergue Festival since 2003 on it's Gardens.

See my photos of this event on my facebook page

Of course, I felt me very honored to have sung  on this event,

Merci a La Marie de Cannes and the Club des Entrepreneurs Cannois,





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