Concert at Carlton

There is something wonderful in living and singing in the French Riviera. One day you may sing on the beach , another day you may sing in the mountains.

It was what happened recently with me.

29/06/2016 I was singing in the luxurious 5 stars Carlton Hotel beach in Cannes in La Croisette and in 02/07/2016 I was singing in tne Robur Jazz jazz festival in the Alpes.

The concert on the Carlton Beach was exactly as it should be, perfect. The organizers prepared everything very well in all details. I was very glad with my stage also.

The concert was played by me, Georges Ferrero and Luciano Dantas. To Georges goes my big thanks for this night. He is a French musician and producer and was him that negotiate this concert. I am glad with our meeting because he is an excellent musician and as he said in our first rehearsal, in the same week of our concert that looks like we play together for 20 years already since we got an excellent harmony together. Luciano Dantas is a Brazilian percussionist that lives in Nice for decades and it was the first time we played together. It was also the first time I played with a Brazilian musician here.

We also had the samba/batucada with Max Miguel and Marco, Georges and Luciano.

Beautiful Brazilian dancers and capoeira.

The French DJ Cecile was also playing and she is such a lovely girl.

The Vip audience enjoyed the show and the party.

I was with the good sensation of this concert for several days after.

On Saturday 02/07/2016, we drove to the mountains to play in the Robur jazz festival in the village of the Roure. The view was amazing. I think I never played in a so high place before.

The audience enjoyed a lot and we too. It was very nice to see then so  glad and dancing with our brazilian music. With me was playing, Georges Ferrero, Alain Caruba, Yann Roald and Pat Taboni. Special thanks to Yann Rolad that introduced my Quintet for the the Festival.

Yes, summer is here and it is beautiful and it is hot! The music is on. lets enjoy it!

Hope you all the best wherever you are

Lots of kisses,








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