8th July 2015 - 2 Years living in France

Hello all, 8th July it was always a special date for me because it is the birthday of my most  precisous gift, my daughter Jaqueline. Last 8th July she completed 26 years and she is the most lovely daughter I could have. Just perfect for me! I am grateful for having her in my life. 

With the pass of years since she was born I had  some special things happening on 8th July too and on this last 8th July I completed 2 years living in France. Time flies!

Yes, I moved to here exactly on her birthday  in 2013. 

Life in France is very different from Iceland where I lived in for 5 years. Now, for example,  I am writing this blog  sitting down on my little garden in a very hot Sunday. I am sourounding by the green of the trees and plants and I can see a beautiful blue sky. We are having  high temperatures and some days I just feel so hot like in Rio de Janeiro if I can say that.

I will go to the beach later , we will have our dinner there tonight. Its very common here in Cannes , specially in Cannes La Bocca beach , see people with their families and friends eating during the night on the beach since is so hot. Some People even bring their tables and chairs and prepare it nicely to eat together. On the tables they have, the French vine and the french cheese of course between other delicious meals. Others, just have a nice pic-nic and stay on the beach until  very later. Its just a great time!

Speaking about Cannes La Bocca, the City Mayor , David Lisnard, has also a project baptized as BOCCACABANA where he aims transform this beach in something more similar to Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. The samba groups with their girls dancers already have started playing by here too , celebrating this project.

I am very happy that I will sing in another great event in Cannes called Le Suquet des Arts. My concert it will be 28/08/2015 and I am looking forward to sing there. The event is promoted and organized by the Cannes City in the Place of Castre and is an event that everybody can watch by free.

If you will be in Cannes or in the French Riviera by that time, pass by and enjoy my sound!

Hope you all a great Summer!









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