Rio / Reykjavik

by Jussanam

Released 12/10/2012
No signed
Released 12/10/2012
No signed
Second album by Jussanam, recorded and released in Reykjavik with her Icelandic Jazz Band and brings 6 songs written by herself as well 3 Bossa Nova classics by Tom Jobim. The CD is sold out but you can buy the tracks in MP3 on
The Cd is produced by Jussanam and it was recorded in live in Reykjavik. The Jussanam`s Icelandic musicians are very well known and respected Jazz musicians in Iceland. The CD is bringing 6 songs written by Jussanam with partners from Iceland, Sweden and USA + 3 Bossa Nova classics by Tom jobim, 1 Icelandic classic jazz song by Jon Muli and 1 popular Icelandic song.
Jussanam - Voice / Asgeir Asgeirsson - Guitar / Agnar Mar Magnusson - Piano /
Birgir Bragason - Double Bass /Haukur Grondal - Sax /Mathias Hemstock - Drums/Cheick Bangoura - Percussion

CD Rio / Reykjavik

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