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Soirees Estivales 2017

Thanks to the Conseil General of the French Riviera, each city and village can enjoy  free concerts, theater and dance spectacles with artists of all genres making the Summer here also a very cultural moment. The Conseil General promotes more than 400 spetacles in the Summer and my Jussanam Quintet was one of the groupes that have been selected by them and we played 3 concerts and 3 differents places open air.

The first place it was the Village of L'Escarene , a  nice place , with a simpathetic Priest called Evaristo that enjoyed our concert with the public. I went down of the stage to dance with the audience and they were glad as me.





The second Village it was up there in the mountains called Venanson , a beautiful village and we were very well received there and we had a very warm audience and it was nice to have many dancing meanwhile we were playing. A lovely night and concert.


Here with the SUB- City Mayor of Venanson - Monsieur MIRON Antoine - He is a lovely person that made an interesting discours presenting me and my band and he talked a little bit about my similarities with Josephine Baker, looking and trajectory. I was touched by his words since I have a dream project about Josephine Baker. I already acted as Josephine Baker in the spetacle Casino da Urca in Rio de Janeiro many years before to move to Europe. The interestng thing is that Monsieur Miron did not know about those projects or my dreams when I arrived in his City but the first thing he said in our first talking there it was about Josephine feelings when he saw me. Very interesting, very thougthful.


The third Village it was Belvedere , also up there in the mountains. It was our biggest audience of the 3 concerts and it was wonderful ot receive so many claps when we did play my own compositions. I also danced with the audience in this one. The children were the first to start dancing, interesting.It was a lovely night , closing very well ours concerts for the Conseil General - Soirees Estivales.


Jussanam ,Jo Kaiat, Pat Taboni, Yann Roaldes, Alain Caruba

Merci Conseil General des Alpes Maritimes. Merci L'Escarene, Merci Venanson, Merci Belvedere!








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