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Hello all!!! My CD Rio / Reykjavik was released 30/11/2012. It is selling in the Eymundsson stores in Reykjavik and on line on CDBaby , the interesting news is that the CD is already sold out on CDBaby with only 12 days of selling!!! Yes, I am sending more to there then you can get yours soon, but...dont wait so much to buy it or you can be without yours. 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!




Samba Rumba - By Ingvi Thor Kormárksson and Jussanam


I am glad that I recorded a participation in the album Latin Faculty (Latinudeildin) invited by Ingvi Thor Kormarkssón by side of so great Icelandic Singers.

 Ingvi Thor Kormárksson invited me to write the lyrics in Portuguese for one of his songs "Við dönsum samba" and I wrote and gave the name "Samba-Rumba" for my version into Portuguese.

The song is singing by me in Portuguese and also in Icelandic by Mjöll Holm with Ingvi lyrics in Icelandic.

 On this link you can hear my version in Portuguese:



From the album "Latínudeildin - Latin Faculty.

Music by Ingvi Thor Kormaksson

Lyrics and vocals by Jussanam Dejah.

Eddi Lár - guitar

Vignir Thor Stefánsson - kbs

Jóhann Ásmundsson - bass

Stefán S. Stefánsson - flute

Einar Scheving - drums/perc

Íris Gudmundsdóttir-backing vocals

Arr. by Árni Scheving and Eddi Lár.

NEW CD Coming out 30/11

Hello all,

I am very happy that my new CD is coming out very soon: 30/11 21:00 at Frikirkjan Reykjavik. The concert is supported by the Brazilian Embassy in Oslo.

I am very happy with the recording with my Band.My musicians are really wonderful and the arrangements are all by them.

The difference in this new CD is that it has musics by myself in partnership with several composers and it gives me a special feeling.

I am very glad with my new CD cover. I love the cover painting by Izabela Hadrian , an artist from Poland that is

living in Reykjavik. Great job by her!

Well... I just hope you enjoy my new CD because me and my Band, we enjoyed to make it!


New Song on You Tube

Hello, my new song is available on You Tube. The sog it will be on my next Cd that will come out in November. Check it out and leave a comment there if you like. if you like a lot please, share it with your friends. Thanks, Jussanam


Mission accomplished - The Tour is over!

Mission accomplished!!! The Jussanam Music Tour sponsored by the Nordic Culture Fund is finished, me and Agnar Már toured 5 Scandinavian Countries and we were very happy having local musicians that enjoyed us on stage , thank you for each one of those and thank you for each one that helped me in someway making the things smoothly . I was also very happy to play for different and totally mixed audiences. We brought the Brazilian Music and also a little bit from Iceland . I made new fans and more than that, I made new friends and for me friends are treasures, so...I feel me rich because of that! Thanks God, Thank you all!!!

Jussanam Music Tour 2012


Jussanam Music Tour is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund.

Jussanam will be accompanied by the Icelandic Jazz Pianist Agnar Már Magnússon

They will tour 5 Nordic Countries between August and September: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland

9 cities: Stockholm, Gothemburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsink, Thorlakshöfn, Borganes, Selfoss and Höfn

The travel to Stockholm has also support of Nordic Culture Point, Mobility program.

Please, check it ou the dates on my Calendar

Jussanam and Band at Gamla Bió


     Jussanam and Band
         Gamla Bió
    Pré-Release Concert 
      18/06 - 21:00
Jussanam will present the NEW SONGS that will be on her next CD that must come out at the end of year, with her own lyrics made for musics from several composers from Iceland, USA, Denmark and Sweden with Brazilian Rythmics.

The Band for the concert includes:

Ásgeir Ásgeirsson(Guitar) 

Birgir Bragasson (Contra-Bass)                           

Matthias Hemstock(Drums)                     

Cheick Bangoura  (Percussion)


 Tickets selling at: Gamlabio.is or 563-4000



                                   Supported  by Brazilian Embassy in Oslo


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