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Concert in France- Fete de la Poterie in Vallauris

Last Sunday, 11/08/2013 I had my first concert here in France and I was accompanied by the French musicians : Jean-Yves "Mestre" and Nicolas Castagnola. Jean Yves Mestre is an excepcional French musician, very known and respected in the French Riviera where he is kindly called and reconigzed as a "Master" for the people and for the other musicians and Nicolas Castagnola wonderful in his percussion,Nicolas plays his percussion as a Brazilian musician, amazing. I could not be more lucky having these guys with me in my first concert here in the South of France. The concert it was in a open Square , Place Lisnard and all people could watch it by free promoted by the Vallauris Tourism Office and Air Vallauris as part of the "La Fete de la Poterie". The City Major was there watching the concert too. I am grateful that the city gave me this opportunity to have a concert in this event. But what made me really happy ,was see the audience enjoying, dancing and being so happy with my concert; I have their smiling faces in my mind today and all nice comments from them I will keep in my heart. Thanks Dale Dorosh-Air Vallauris, Thanks Vallauris City and THANK YOU ALL people that came!!!

In South of France

Hello Dears, I am posting from France. I arrived here 08/07 for my Artistic Residency Period in Air vallauris. Air Vallauris is an Artistic Residency that receives in majority visual artists specialy ceramicists since the region became famous because Picasso lived here and worked with ceramic at that time, here he no only painted by also made sculptures. Before comes to Vallauris he had not work with ceramic yet and here he could meet artists in the area and develop his projects on this field. 

Vallauris is a Historic City , belongs to Golfe Juan and is located in the French Riviera or Côte d'Azur, just 15 minutes from Cannes.

Its great be here and breath Art ! Very easy get inspired by all the beauty around.

Its great have this interchanging with the Artists that are residing with me in Air Vallauris: Megumu HORIUCHI (Japan), Chie KOIKE (Japan), Heloisa POMFRET (USA / Brazil), Anne Kristine TOGSTAD (Norway). 

Dale Dorosh is the Director of the Residency and he is a lovely host.

People in the area are friendly and open. I feel me well  talking with them. Very Nice!

I will visit places that I visited before many years ago on vacations on the Riviera with my ex-boyfriend like Cannes, Nice, Monaco , etc, that was the time when I fell in love with French Riviera ( I was in love with my ex-boyfriend too, I was happy with him at that time but... it is another history) and I traveled from Monaco to Saint Tropez with him, seeing no only beaches but also the fantastic Medieval cities and their Medieval Castles and eating the wonderful French food. Unforgetable time. Here I am again... that time as an artist.

Coming now as an artist involves work with my music, interchanges, meeting musicians, visiting venues, having time to compose , having the exhibithion of the music I will compose in Air Vallauris 10th August, ( my plan is making versions for the music by Jon Muli - the most famous Icelandic jazz composer) and trying to book some venues for concerts outside Vallauris also. Lots to do and I am happy for that.

In August I am also planning to visit some children schools to see how the sistem works here. Its very important since I am working with children in Iceland since 2008 for the Reykjavik City. I also got a support for my travel from my work association Starfsmannafélag and  its great to work and have a right to get a kind of support like this. Thank you Starfsmannafélag.

By the way Dears, its sunny, its hot and its beautiful and wonderful be here!

Lots of kisses and hugs

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Review by Wilbert Sostre

Today I arrived at home from work ( I work in a school in Reykjavik besides as singer)and I became totally glad with the review for my Cd Rio/Reykjavik coming from abroad written by the jazz journalist Wilbert Sostre. You can read the full review below and/or check it out on this link: http://latinjazznet.com/2013/06/02/reviews/cds/jussanam-rioreyjavik/

 "Jussanam is a brazilian singer living in Iceland since 2008, so her new album entitled Rio/Reyjavik is a reference to, her native Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and the place she now calls home, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Besides recording outstanding versions of the Jobim classics, “Águas de Março”, very similar in tempo and voice tone to Elis Regina’s version, “Fotografia”, and “Água de Beber”, Jussanam reveals herself as an accomplished composer. She co-wrote the sambas “Amanha é Carnaval”, the Brazilian flavored jazz songs “Verão BH”, and “Quer Saber?”, and the interesting composition “O Telefonema”. This track is the jazzier one on the release and starts with an intro sequence of phone recorded messages and ends with a bluesy guitar solo by Asgeir Asgeirsson. Haukur Grondal adds the jazz touch with his melodic sax on “Quer Saber”, “Águas de Março” and “Água de Beber”.

It was also a pleasant surprise to find the name of my friend Manny Cepeda as a co-writer with Jussanam of the samba “Foi você Baiana”. This is a song about falling in love with a baiana, a woman from Bahia. Manny is a Puerto Rican musician/composer living in the United States, and member of the Cepeda family, recognized for keeping the tradition of Bomba music in Puerto Rico.

The album also includes the romantic pop ballad “Voce ganhou meu coracão” and the bossa, “Getta hver hun er”, which Jussanam sings perfectly in Icelandic." (Wilbert Sostre)


Some Reviews from Number One Music site

All reviews that I get on the Number One Music site are so great to read as well so many amazing private messages encouraging me go ahead with my musical work. Some of those private messages touched my heart deeply and I am so grateful for those demonstrations of love and appreciation with me and my musical work, musicians and partners.As an independent artist I can just be proud and happy and say: Thank you all!!!


Below you can read some of reviews from listeners and musicians that are on the site. I decided shared only some of them here but , be sure I appreciated all reviews that are on the site. Thank you so much!

The reviews are of my song "Verão BH" that is part of my CD Rio / Reykjavik and the song is my partnership with my Swedish friend ,the musician and composer Harald Erici.

"Softer Side of Anyone! I'm totally in love with her voice and the smooth flowing of the production from her music partner Harald Erici simple and full of character! This would be a song you hear in movies like "Sisterhood Of traveling Pants' or a James bond scene while 007 dances to get more closer to his target! Classic sound and nostalgic feeling production!" (ICJonhsson - Califórnia - USA.)

"Excellent Work! I so appreciate the subtlety and understatement in this music. It is so different than my music... This is a refreshing listen to. The arrangement of all the musicians and singer is excellent and above reproach. My only advice is that these artists need something to separate themselves from the crowd. A song with a uniquely different melody and extra memorable words would be in order to get a hit song so that more people can appreciate these great musicians." (Mark Alberto Nunez - California, United States)

"Magnifico.This is some of the "Mo' Better " stuff as Spike Lee would say. I am impressed.When I found the origin was Iceland(which is a lush green oasis surrounded by icy seas)I wondered if the author of this wonderful musical manuscript was a native or came to the top of the world by way of the gulf stream. This evoke nostalgia of the hey day of the resorts in Cuba. Her voice blends in as a gentle woodwind instrument. This is a great recording. Pardon me while I float away on these bewitching notes." (dffrence3 - Ohio, United States)

Beautiful! I don't think I'm really worthy to judge this music. Classy and sexy. What a wonderful voice. I've just poured a glass of wine and stuck the song on again. Ahhhh... Quality musicians. Tasteful. A gorgeous recording. Not a bad word to say about that one." (Many eyes - United Kingdom - UK)

"Interesting combo, the South and North! Like it very much, classic! Within the genre I would say you're pretty much top of the line!" (Katharina Lharer -California, United States)

"...this shows the language of the art transcends.

Great work all over this product. Please keep it up" (James Woodley- North Carolina, United States )

"Well I am a jazz lover and I do love this song and the way it is done with the female vocal beautiful voice... With this music I can see dancing with my lady to this song into the early morning.. Great Vocal.. Great Music.. Good Luck to you in your future music endeavors.(Tim Stevens Kentucky, United States)

"Awesome! What a lovely vibe, and such a lovely voice. So relaxing, I really did enjoy listening to this track. A good one for if you're feeling particularly fragile, I'd say." (Cornelius Jones- Áustralia)

"I'm a sucker for Brazilian music, and Portuguese is a sweet language for music regardless. I am not qualified to judge this comparatively in the context of Brazilian Jazz, but for what it's worth, from my perspective, I love it. I have no complaints about musicianship or production. I could listen to this music all day long." (Eric blackmer - New Hampshire, United States)

"Having now gone to her page to learn more about Jussanam, I am even more impressed. Good back story! She is lucky to have hooked up with such good musicians in Iceland. I'm certain that Iceland's music scene is better for this music. Good show!" (Eric Blackmer- New Hampshire, United States)

"I am found of Brazilian music and this a beautiful song of that style. The musicians are excellent and the vocalist clear, clean and beautiful. It's sounds live. I'm wondering if it was recorded live. It definitely has that feel which is great. I feel like I'm in the the tropics, relaxed on a beautiful beach. Great job!! (LaCat - California, United States)

"Very Pleasant Love that jazzy sound. Very Good vocal, piano, guitar. Loved the whole sound. The very best to you all." (Carol Camille - Florida, United States)

"Wonderful jazz tune here. Great female voice and arrangements in this song. The piano is very relaxing and it seems that we can go where we want. A feeling, an emotion and the good things that the music may awake. Very good work." (Aira Winterland - Brazil)



Mullin Jazz Klubbur Festival 2013

MULLIN JAZZ KLUBBUR 2013 - Munnharpan - Harpa - 29/05 - Jussanam og Hljómsveit (Jussanam and Band) - Take note , share with your friends and see you then :)


Múlinn Jazz Klubbur Says : "Brazilian singer Jussanam da Silva has a good reputation for excellent interpretation of Brazilian bossa nova and samba. She has released two CDs and the most recent" Rio / Reykjavik has received excellent reviews both here and in Europe . The CD includes Icelandic and Scandinavian composers including Jón Mulli and Páll Óskar.


Jussanam Band:

Jussanam - Singer

Haukur Gröndal - Sax

Ásgeir Ásgeirsson - Guitar

Þórður Högnason - Double Bass

Matthías M.D. Hemstock - Drums

Cheick Bangoura - Percussion

Jussanam and Band with a special guest

20/04/2013 - 21:00 - Café Haiti - Reykjavik

Jussanam and her Icelandic jazz musicians will play with the Brazilian percussionist JAM DA SILVA, one of the most innovative Brazilian artists in percussion that will be visiting Iceland ! You can not miss that!

The Band:

Jussanam - Voice

Ásgeir Ásgeirsson - Guitar

Thordur Högnasson - Contra-Bass

Matthias Hemstock - Drums

Jam da Silva - Percussion


Reserves: 588-8484



On MPB fm - Program "Tá na Hora"

A SPECIAL EMOTION TODAY!!! To hear the Brazilian Radio MPB fm from Rio de Janeiro , program "Tá na Hora" - By Isabella Saes speaking about my CD "Rio / Reykjavik .Oh yes, glad to hear! :):):)

Critic Review - Fréttabladid Newspaper

On last Friday 01/03/2013 came out the first specialized critic review about my CD Rio / Reykjavik. Interesting that the nice critic review came out in the Rio de Janeiro's birthday. On 01/03/2013 Rio completed 448 years!!! Below , you can read the critic translated into English. 

Jussanam - Rio / Reykjavik

Jussanam is a singer from Brazil who has lived in Iceland for some years and received the Icelandic Citizenship two years ago. Rio / Reykjavik is her second album, her first one , which was released in the Salurrinn, it had songs by the Brazilian composer, Tom Jobim.

On the new album, there are three songs from the Jobim's collection but also songs written by Jussanam herself in collaboration with some other musicians, including Ingvi Thor Kormàrksson and the Swedish musician Harald Erici, who has attracted attention throughout his Brasilicum project with Jussanam among the singers who took part in it. Added to that, the álbum includes two well-known Icelandic songs:Gettu Hver hún er and þú komst hjartað í mér text in Portuguese.

The music on Rio / Reykjavik is soft and relaxing latin-jazz and Bossa Nova. The musicians are not of little value; Ásgeir Ásgeirsson, Birgir Bragason,Matthías Hemstock, Haukur Gröndal, Agnar Már Magnússon and Cheick Bangoura.

The songs are all in this soft style, but still there are songs with some variety.Some are in traditional Brazilian jazz style, while others, like the great "O Telefonema" carried out lounge music. Jussanam is a cool song Lady. Her voice and singing style suit this music perfectly.Its nice to hear her singing in Icelandic Gettu Hver hún er The arrangements of þú komst hjartað í mér is also quite good, and the song sounds good in Portuguese.

Overall, this is a fine album with Jussanam. She does not blaze new trails but the album is very well done and flows well throughout.

Traust Juliusson (News newspaper Newspaper - 03/01/2013)

Some News

Hello Dears,

This week it was nice to know that the song sung by me : Samba-Rumba  ,with  music by ingvi Thor Kormárksson and

 lyrics by myself is in the second place in the site Ourstage - World category. Check it out the song on this link and vote also if you like it:


I also wanna give a big thanks for all fans and artists in Number One Music site that wrote reviews for my music Verão BH that is part of my CD "Rio / Reykjavik.

The song got 34 reviews this week and I was so happy reading them. The song Verão BH has music by Harald Erici and lyrics in Portuguese by myself. Check it out the reviews and the song on this link and if you like it you can also write a review.


Lots of kisses and thanks,


Við Djúpið Festival 2012 - Isafjördur - TV Video

Nice time in Isafjördur - Við Djúpið Festival 2012, playing with young musicians from there. The boys were great!


Here on this link you can watch the interview with me for the local TV , the rehearsal and the concert night.By the way, lovely night.:)


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