Concert at Villa Domergue- Cannes 26/06/2015

My Dears, 

You can't imagine how I was glad with this concert at the Villa Domergue in Cannes. The concert it was part of the event 13eme plénière du Club des Entrepreneurs Cannois headed by the Cannes City Mayor , Mr. David Lisnard.

Many artists from Cannes were there showing their jobs and creativity on this event . I have been invited to show my music and singing as I am a singer living in Cannes. And it was great! I was accompanied by my French pianist Paul Bertault. 

The Villa Domergue is a very special and magical place. The Villa Domergue 's owner was the painter Jean-Gabriel Domergue and his wife , the sculptress Odette Maudrange Domergue is the responsible for the wonderful design that we can see on the Villa Domergue gardens. There are also her art objects for our admiration.

The couple lived in the Villa Domergue since 1932 , Jean Gabriel Domergue died in 1962 and 1973  his wife Odette Domergue donated the Villa Domergue to the Cannes City.

The Villa Domergue became a Historique Monument and one « Patrimoine du XXe siècle ».

The Villa hosts official events and since the 1990s the Villa is the place where the official jury of the Cannes Film Festival meet to the final deliberation designating the winner of the Palme d'Or. The Villa also hosts the Jazz au Domergue Festival since 2003 on it's Gardens.

See my photos of this event on my facebook page

Of course, I felt me very honored to have sung  on this event,

Merci a La Marie de Cannes and the Club des Entrepreneurs Cannois,





Galerie Depardieu concert

Hello Dears,

25/06 I had a concert at Galerie Depardieu in Nice-France. Nice is a so beautiful city and so full of life. Its always a gladness be there and specially singing. 

Well... the thing is that it was not easy to get there at the 25/06 evening because there was a strike from the part of the taxi drivers and wow... the traffic was totally blocked and I was just looking the clock and thinking I would not arrived in the Galerie at time of my concert. At that time I was already for 2 and half hours on the way from Cannes to Nice , 2 and half hour on my car with my daughter driving it and I was very tense. 

I decided to call Ernst, that would be come later in September my EX-boyfriend, and he said - I can come to pick you up with my moto because you will not be in Nice at the right timet to sing , everything is blocked.

The first thing I thought - By moto with this dress? 

But he was right, I accepted his help and he came from Valbonne to rescue me in Cagnes Sur mer along the coast where we were sticked for so long. 

I was so happy when he finally arrived. 

Then, I had to up my dress at the high of my thighs to get sit down on the moto. hahahahaha pity I don't have any photo of this moment. 

My daughter said she was a little bit shocked when she saw me going this way by moto - OMG Thats my mother! she exclaimed laughing. But she also said i was very sexy too hahahahaha. Sorry , no photos.

I arrived at time to sing in the Galerie Depardieu with Pierre Palvair and Cedric Le Donne that were there waiting for me. They played so well... they are so good! The audience enjoyed but they were no so many since the traffic was so crazy that day and many people avoided go out to Nice centre by car so far, because the chaos from the taxis strike. 

I got start singing at the right time.

Kisses to you all,




My Icelandic musicians in Cannes and our concerts

Hello Dears, long time I dont write here. Hope you are all pretty good.

This month of May is a very glad month because the good season is starting and then I can work more with my music and I had the special visit . 3 of my Icelandic Jazz musicians heve been here from 14/05 to 19/05, then it was great! We played together again in Cannes and in Valbonne, we had full houses and people enjoyed a lot our concerts. They had fun and we too!

It was a dream to have them here playing with me. The band was not complete because we could not have all my band musicians at that time but it was already wonderful to have Asgeir Asgeirsson, Birgir Bragason and Cheick Bangoura here. Wow, it was really great. 

It was the first time that the guys came to the French Riviera then , they used the time off to know the region, they visited Cannes of course and also Valbonne, Antibes and Monaco. And they just loved it . Its a time of Cannes Festival from 13/05 to 24/05 and they could appreciate the festive atmosphere in Cannes . The French Riviera / La Cote d`Azur its really a beautiful and sunny region of France. Very special with its coast and also the mediaval villages. Just lovely, just amazing.

I am sure they will be back some time since they fell in love with the Cote d`Azur as usual happens with everybody that visit it.

I can tell you we had a great time together.

I also got so many compliments from the public that were in our concerts about my singing and about my great musicians and I thanks every one that came to our concerts. It was wonderful have all you with us on those special nights. Thanks!

Today, the guys are going back home. After so many days enjoying the sunny Riviera they will arrive in Reykjavik with a temperature of 3 degrees. Its still cold over there even if is already spring. It will be a big difference but the music they play can warm them up over there . 

I will follow with my concerts here in the French Riviera with my French musicians.We will have a concert au Shapko in Nice next week and I will play with Pierre Palvair and Cedric Le Donne. I hope see you there if you are in France.

I hope a good travel back home to my Icelandic musicians, a big thanks to them and hope see them again here or over there .

Lots of kisses and love to all you,










I am a winner in the Indaba Music Contest

Its very good to start the year winning a music contest! My music Amanha é Carnaval  written in partnership with the Icelandic composer Ingvi Tor Kormarksson is one of 5  winners in the Indaba Sync Festured Artist contest. The song have been chosen between 201 other songs. Its great , is not it?


  • Inclusion in the Indabasync licensing catalog
  • Live recording at Suite 268 in New York

I  was glad when I opened the e-mail from Indaba Music 07/01/2015 , notifying me I was one of the winners of the contest  from November 2014. My song was one of the 5 winners chosen between 201 other songs. Its great, is not it?

Muito bom comecar o ano ganhando um concurso musical. Minha musica Amanha é Carnaval escrita em parceria com o compositor Islandes Ingvi Thor Kormarksson é uma das 5 ganhadoras no Indaba Sync Featured Artist Contest. A musica foi escolhida entre 201 inscritas. Muito bom, voce nao acha?


. Inclusao no Indabasync licensing catalogo

. Gravacao ao vivo no Suite 268 em Nova Iorque.









Happy 2015!!!

Hello my dears. This blog post is to say thank you all for being here with me, following my news, watching my videos, listening my songs. THANK YOU!!!!

I wanna wish you a great 2015, full of happiness,  love, peace and realizations.

May 2015 be very good for all you and your families,

Kisses and love,





My concerts at Hotel Martinez - Cannes- Z Plage

It was really wonderful that I have been sang for 2 weeks in June at Grand Hyatt Cannes - Hotel Martinez, at Z Plage. Now that everything is over I see it was like a dream. A very nice dream. 

The  French musicians Pierre Palvair, Jean-Yves Mestre, Max Miguel, Eric Prive, Cedric Le Donne, participated with me on this project.

It was like a "marathone" for me, to sing there, every night, even working hard during the day at my regular job.  It was a lot of work was worth! I am happy I did, I am happy I got it.

My contract as singer with the Martinez Hotel it was very important for me. It is not always that one can be singing contracted for one of the most important 5 stars in Cannes , at La Croisette the full of glamour avenue. Singing at La Croisette, on the beach for a VIP audience it was great but also...even people that were just walking by the La Croisette watched me singing too. In Cannes you have in front of the sea, many blue chairs where you can seat down and enjoy the view without paying nothing. Many people watched my concerts from those blue chairs and it was very special to get a immediately feed-back from them to me. Yes, the most amazing thing is always the interchange with my public and it happened again in Cannes and I was glad! I am thankful to God and to the Hotel Directors that trusted on me for this mission! 

Lots of kisses and love to all you!!!






Happy New Year!


Hello Dears, I hope you had a nice Christmas with your family and beloved ones and a great New Years Eve too.

I had my first Christmas and New Years Eve in Cannes- France and it was really nice! I moved to France 6 months ago after 5 years living in Reykjavik-Iceland. 

When I moved to Iceland , I realized how much  Brazilian I was and now that I moved to France I realized how much Icelander I am. Its funny! Let me explain better...When I arrived in Iceland I was totally Brazilian, speaking about how the things were in Brazil, bringing my culture through my singing and music and now in France I am no more only a Brazilian but I am also an Icelandic citizen and I bring Iceland with me too. As I told to my Icelandic friends, I bring with me the "Good Iceland" .I am speaking a lot about Iceland and about how is  life there and how the things are there and I have been showing the Icelandic music too through the Icelandic songs I recorded in my last CD Rio/Reykjavik and also some Jon Muli versions. Of course, a Brazilian artist  from Rio de Janeiro that lived in Iceland for 5 years brings up a lot of curiosity from people, with so many hows and whys about the subject, specially because France is culturally  closer of Brazil than Iceland and French people  knows so much more about Brazil and Brazilians and our culture than people in Iceland knew about Brazil when I arrived there. So... I came to France no only as a Brazilian but as an Icelandic too. It is amazing!

I am a Brazilian , I was born in Rio de Janeiro, I will always be a Carioca but I can not deny the effect of being living for 5 years in Iceland and I can not forget everything I lived there and everything I got from there and from the nice people that were my friends and fans there. I will be eternally grateful!

Happy New Year!!!


Top, Top, Top! Thanks

Hello Dears, I will post here some news all together because I had no time to post before.

 The first one is about my song Samba-Rumba in partnership with the Icelandic composer,  Ingvi Thor Kormarksson. The song is one of the winners in the contest USA Songwriting. The song is a TOP 10 winners in the category World. Ingvi is an Icelandic composer that writes a lot of songs with Latin rythms and the song Samba-Rumba he asked me to write lyrics for and then invited me to record it for his album Latin Faculty. The album came out in 2012.

The second one is that I moved  to South of France and then, the songs from my CD Rio / Reykjavik at Number One Music continues with a mark of 3.000 plays per day on the site and also it have been in the Top 10 of all genres for France on the site and also the number one on the site in all genres - France and I am the number one in the Jazz - France too. of course I am very glad and I wanna send a big thanks to all my fans that are listen my songs everyday and sending me so good reviews and messages about my sound with my band and my singing. THANK YOU!!!

The third one is that I am also the number one on the site Reverbnation in the Jazz in - Cannes - France. more time, Thank you all that have been following me, listening me, sharing my music and subscribing as my fans. THANK YOU!!!

Lots of kisses and love,











Brazilian Week in Iceland

After singing in Sweden 05/10 I traveled to Reykjavik - Iceland to sing with my Iceland jazz musicians in the event "Brazilian week in Iceland - sponsored by The Brazilian Embassy in Oslo and organized by the Board of Brazilian members in Iceland. The event it was in a traditional and beautiful venue in the Downtown Reykjavik, the Theater IDNO. is a very nice place to sing in. My musicians were great as always and I was happy playing wth them after 3 months in France. A Cocktail and the concert was offered to all with free entrances and the guests could enjoy a nice night celebrating the First Brazilian week in Iceland. The Brazilian dance teacher Josy Zaren also gave a samba show before my concert and it was very nice. Between the guests we can mention the Famous Icelandic Actor and writer Gisli Runar Jonsson, the well known politician Thor Sarri and the Ambassador of USA in Iceland Luis E. Arreaga. After the concert I could get hugs and kisses of people in the audience that were very glad with the event and concert. 

08/10 when I awake up Reykjavik it was white of snow, totally white and cold. At the same night 08/10 I arrived in South of France and here I am, in Cannes, to give continuity to a History that started in 8th July. Wish me good lucky ! Thanks and Hugs. 




Singing in the Borgholm Castle -Maria Rylander wedding

On the last Friday ,4/10 ,I traveled from France to Sweden with a secret mission, to sing in the wedding of my Dear Swedish friend and singer Maria Rylander to be realized 05/10. She did not know I was there to sing as her parents asked me to keep secret about that. I was accompanied on piano by my no less dear friend Harald Erici that is also my musical partner. It was a veeeery special night in Sweden! Its not always that one can sing in a medieval Castle and it makes this date still more memorable,  Everything was so perfect, and beautiful and fun, we had a delicious dinner after my singing and Maria was one of most happy brides I have seen in my life. She and the groom enjoyed a lot and we too. The wedding party  had also the Borgholm Big band and Maria and her Groom, Calle Warnelov danced together  a coreography so well done and so funny , they were great! And later on... everybody danced with the sound of a Blues band.It was just WONDERFUL!!!! It is unforgettable! 

CD Rio / Reykjavik

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