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Annex Beach - 01/04/2017

Hello dears,

Last Saturday , 01/04/2017 , we played a concert in the Annex Beach - Cannes. The place is really wonderful, as you can see on this photo. The place has new owners now and they are very nice and they are doing their best. You should drop by to confirm it.

Me, I was also very happy with the concert. It's really a pleasure to be accompanied by so great musicians as Pierre Palvair and Cedric Le Donne.

I hope to play again  with them very soon :)

Thank you all that came that night  , thank you Annex beach !










First Show 2017- La Turbie

  My first show in 2017 it was at la Turbie. A beautiful town close by Monaco , here in the French Riviera

The show it was held in the ceremony of the 2017 wishes by the City Mayor Mr. Jean-Jacques Raffaele

Between the guests , many other City Mayors, from Monaco, Beaulieu Sur Mer, Ville French, Jean Cap Ferrat and others. You can see 11 of those City Mayors on this big table on the photo below

The City Hall was totally full

We played in Quartet, Alain Caruba, me, Jo Kaiat and Pat Taboni

It was very nice to start the year singing and specially in a event like this one.

Thank you La Turbie!!! Happy 2017!!!


Happy New Year 2017

                                                I HOPE YOU ALL A GREAT YEAR 2017!!!

                                      I am still dreaming with a peaceful world, without wars!

                                                                 Best wishes from Cannes!

Concert -Theatre Alexandre III- Cannes

Hello my dears, this blog is to tell you a little bit about my last concert in the Theater Alexandre III in Cannes - 04/11/16 - In fact it was my official PREMIERE with my French Quintet composed by me and the musicians , Jo Kaiat on the piano,Alain Caruba on the drums, Yann Roaldes on Sax and Pat Taboni on the Bass.

Bonjour mes amis, ce blog est pour vous raconter un peu sur mon dernier concert au Théâtre Alexandre III à Cannes - 04/11/16 - En fait, c'était ma PREMIERE officielle avec mon Quintette Français composé par moi et les musiciens Jo Kaiat -piano, Alain Caruba - batterie, Yann Roaldes -Sax et Pat Taboni sur la basse.

The Theater Alexandre III it is a very nice place to sing in , very comfortable for the audience and very well located. We enjoyed to playing there and the audience enjoyed our concert. I am very happy with so nice comments form the audience that were really glad and satisfied as we were too. Make the audience happy is our happiness as artists, so...we got it.

Le Théâtre Alexandre III c'est un endroit très agréable à chanter, très conffortable pour le public et très bien situé a Cannes. Nous avons apprécié jouer là-bas et le public a apprécié beaucoup notre concert. Je suis très heureuse avec les commentaires si sympas du public qui étaient vraiment heureux et satisfaits que nous étions. Le bonheur du public et notre bonheur comme artistes, alors ...on a reussi.

I was very happy that everything went well specially because I was producing the concert all alone and it is not easy at all to have all responsibility of the production plus the responsibility of be singing on the stage in this Theater in Cannes for a quite special audience.You know, a premiere, it is always a premiere, it`s more tense of course. But the results were all good.

Je suis très heureuse que tout se bien passé, parce que j'ai produis seul le concert et c'est ne pas facile du tout d'être responsable de la production et de la responsabilité de chanter sur la scène de ce Théâtre à Cannes pour un public tout à fait particulier . Vous savez, une première, c'est toujours une première, c'est plus tendu bien sûr. Mais les résultats étaient tous bons. Et on va suivre , parce que l`art rendre la vie plus belle.

Take a look on this video here were the audience sings along with me

Take a look on this video were we play one song composed by Me and Harald Erici


On this video MANHA DE CARNAVAL  a classic of the Bossa Nova

My thanks to my musicians that were with me all the way and to Alain Caruba for the arrangements, my thanks to MISAKI and ABCoating because they were giving me a financial support to pay the Theater, also thanks to Gig Events , thanks to my Hostesse Jaqueline Luquez and my  Hosts Ripley Harrington and Antonio Seu for their collaboration and my BIG thanks to each one that came to watch us that night.

Mes remerciements à mes musiciens qui ont été avec moi tout le chemin et a Alain Caruba pour les arrangements, mes remerciements à MISAKI et ABCoating parce qu'ils me donnaient un soutien financier pour payer le théâtre, également je remercie à Gig Events, je remercie à ma belle Hotesse Jaqueline Luquez et mes gentils hôtes Ripley Harrington et Antonio Seu pour leur collaboration et un Gros Merci à chacun qui est venu nous regarder ce soir-là.

Merci a tous et a bientot,





Concert at Carlton

There is something wonderful in living and singing in the French Riviera. One day you may sing on the beach , another day you may sing in the mountains.

It was what happened recently with me.

29/06/2016 I was singing in the luxurious 5 stars Carlton Hotel beach in Cannes in La Croisette and in 02/07/2016 I was singing in tne Robur Jazz jazz festival in the Alpes.

The concert on the Carlton Beach was exactly as it should be, perfect. The organizers prepared everything very well in all details. I was very glad with my stage also.

The concert was played by me, Georges Ferrero and Luciano Dantas. To Georges goes my big thanks for this night. He is a French musician and producer and was him that negotiate this concert. I am glad with our meeting because he is an excellent musician and as he said in our first rehearsal, in the same week of our concert that looks like we play together for 20 years already since we got an excellent harmony together. Luciano Dantas is a Brazilian percussionist that lives in Nice for decades and it was the first time we played together. It was also the first time I played with a Brazilian musician here.

We also had the samba/batucada with Max Miguel and Marco, Georges and Luciano.

Beautiful Brazilian dancers and capoeira.

The French DJ Cecile was also playing and she is such a lovely girl.

I was with the good sensation of this concert for several days after.

On Saturday 02/07/2016, we drove to the mountains to play in the Robur jazz festival in the village of the Roure. The view was amazing. I think I never played in a so high place before. The audience enjoyed a lot and we too. It was very nice to see then so  glad and dancing with our brazilian music. With me was playing, Georges Ferrero, Alain Caruba, Yann Roald and Pat Taboni. Special thanks to Yann Rolad that introduced my Quintet for the the Festival.

Yes, summer is here and it is beautiful and it is hot! The music is on. lets enjoy it!

Hope you all the best wherever you are

Lots of kisses,








MIDEM 2016

New site, new Band, New projects

Hello Dears, 

Hope the spring is bringing many flowers and colors to your life.

As you can see, I changed a little my site lay-out and I hope you like it. 

I am renewing things, exactly like the spring time change the colors of our days.

I believe You already know I am working with a New band, my Quintet composed by me,

Alain Caruba , Jo Kaiat,Yan Roald and Pat Taboni. I am very glad I have these guys playing with me.



We have been rehearsing in the Beautiful Conservatory of Music in Beaulieu Sur Mer gentle allowed by the City Mayor. 

Yesterday our rehearsal it was special because we had special guests , the City Mayor of Beaulieu Sur Mer Roger Roux and his wife

and also Jean-Christophe Dimino of Radio Monaco. We were glad and I think they were glad too, listening to my Quintet playing.

We could also hear how the City Mayor  worked to restore the Beautiful House and equipped it transforming it in a lovely Music

Conservatory. Great!

Beaulieu Sur Mer  is a very beautiful  seaside village on the French Riviera between Nice and Monaco, we are grateful to be rehearsing there and we hope to play concerts there in the next Summer.

Stay tunned!



The new photo on the site and below is by Eric Peron

and the photo design is by Jean-Victor Friboulet.


Hope you all a Happy 2016 and peace to our World!


Hello dears, I hope you are having a great time with your families and friends. Enjoying this lovely time of holidays and parties.
I am having a nice time with my daughter, always lovely to have her with me and go out around Cannes or even visiting others cities and villages as Monaco yesterday. The Cote D`azur is full of lights , full of nice Christmas markets to buy, to eat or to drink a hot and traditional VIN CHAUD. We enjoyed our VIN CHAUD in Cannes, at our favorite place in the Christmas Market. I also like to see the children skating on the ice, since there are plenty skating rinks in almost every city at Christmas time.
Another beautiful thing is that in the biggest cities as Cannes, Nice, Antibes and Monaco the Christmas brings the Ferris wheels and the biggest and beautiful one is in Nice but the most beautiful Christmas decoration we found, it was in Monaco. Anyway the whole Cote d`azur is beautiful at that time, You can find lovely decorations everywhere.
I had a nice Christmas dinner with my daughter, everything made by myself as she loves it and with a brazilian cooking touch but we also had on the table some typical French products as the Fois Gras that we love and the French Wines, white and rouge as French has the best Wine in the World as everybody knows.
I missed my family that lives in Brazil of course, my Mother, brothers, sisters and nieces. I cried a little talking with my mother on internet because we could not be together in this Christmas and it was difficult when she started crying seeing me and Jaqueline on the cam.
I also miss good friends from Iceland since we lived there for several years and we had really some of those friends that became as a family from us too. We still feel attached to Iceland and to the people there, as we also are Icelanders citizens. Then we miss be in Brasil and we miss be in Iceland. But we enjoy our Christmas time in France at it best and it is also lovely.
It would be wonderful if the world will be always with this nice Christmas athmosphere , when people think more about peace and love and union. Its very sad that every year we wish lots of good things for us and for others but then the wars does not stop, the terrorism gains place and the hate between nations and between diferent religions continues increasing. Its impossible for me dont not think about the refugees`s children and their families that are having difficult times out of their countries, trying get a place to stay in Europe meanwhile we have our houses and our table full of good food. We still have so many things to learn , we still are so far way from the peace that the world needs. We can only hope every year but as we see...we are still far from it.
As I always say, the world will have peace when the nations will be like Iceland, without Army, without the Army Industry to sell it. Iceland is really a big example for the world in so many senses and when we experiment the kind of society they got there we know that it is possible, but the world is still far from it. Its amazing how a so small country can be so advanced in the way they think, in the way they live, in the way they respect others.
My Brazil is going down and down everyday, its a chaos to brazilian people there and I am so sorry! Its really so sad. Brazil it would be the best place in the world to live if the Brazilian Politicians would care about the people but they dont! They dont care.
France is trying to face the terror. The country is beautiful! The French values are so important to the Country and even to the world but there are so many things that does not work out by here and that are outdated, obsolete! Anyway, they have a beautiful ideal.
We need learn with each other! We need be open to learn with ecah other! We need to learn to care about OTHERS, no only about US or about OURS! We need to learn to live in peace in this world and every year it continues being a dream. Because I am a dreamer, a real dreamer, I will continue dreaming about a peacefull world.
Hope you all a Happy 2016!!! Hope peace to our World and for our children!!! When I say our children, I mean to all children in the world!
Lots of kisses,


Concert at Suquet des Arts 2015

Hello dears, here goes a blog post with a huge delay. I am working a lot by now, full time, every day, then I did not have time enough to write about my concert in the Suquet des Arts 2015 before.

The Suquet des Arts is a Festival promoted by the Cannes City, created by our great David Lisnard. 3 days full of arts in the streets of the Cannes historique Center called le Suquet. 

Le Suquet is a very nice old village in the Cannes Center, full of good and cozy restaurants and with the old buildings that includes the Museum of La Castre and its old church on the top of its hill. it also offers a fabulous view of the city and the Cannes bay.

Then...it was there, on the top of le Suquet hilll with its fabulous view that I had my concert. And I can sure you it was a great moment. I started the concert still with the sun shining and then came the sun set and later the most wonderfull moon you can imagine. Singing with this view it was really amazing.

I sang accompanied by Paul Bertault on piano et Nicolas Castagnola on the percussion. 

The audience enjoyed a lot and in the end of the concert I could dance with the public. I could not resist and I left the stage with my microphone and I danced with my lovely audience there. 

The next day the newspaper Nice Matin published some news about the Festival and they said that my group made the audience CHALOUPER. Meaning to dance!

It is still very nice to meet people that have been there watching the concert and hear them saying that it was a wonderful concert.

Thanks to La Mairie de Cannes / Cannes City and Thanks to all that came to watch my concert at this beautiful evening.

Lots of kisses to all you and hope see you in the next one,




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