Fete de La Musique 2018 - Jussanam Quartet - Mougins Village

Fete de La Musique !!! It is a National event in France that celebrates music with concerts everywhere !!! It's,wonderfull!

I was singing that day, 21/06/2018 an open air concert in the Mougins Village with Eros Cordogli on piano, Georges ferrero on the Bass and Cedric Le Donne in the drums. 




What a nice Village , with a so nice people. The audience was lovely! We enjoyed a lot and they too as they told me and did show me dancing along with me :)


We also had the privilege of being received in the Picasso's house. We were eating there and it was great too. This photo below is inside of the house. Picasso died there. The house has a beauiful view and  is beautful itself.

Mougins is beautiful ! You should drop by there when you will visit the French Riviera, it's only 15 minutes from Cannes but is very different enviromenta : Mountains, old village, different views, good restaurants, just lovely.

I did love to sing there! Thanks Mougins!!!


MIDEM 2018

Hi Dears,

I will be in the  MIDEM 2018 from 05/06 to 08/06. My big thanks to the MIDEM team.

People always ask me if I will be singing there. No, I will not because to sing there is necessary to have a LABEL and I don't have any LABEL or Manager or Producer. I never had!  In fact I have been producing myself for years and I would love to have a team, I would love to have a LABEL. I really want to find one ! Or maybe, they will find me somehow. Crossing my fingers.

My focus this year is to find my team , to find my LABEL!

I am also happy that one Brazilian artist I love will be in the MIDEM this year: Celso Fonseca . Oh my God, love him! An inspiration for me. I will watch the Celso Fonseca conference, since he will be a speaker .What a pleasure!

I will make photos and videos, I promisse,

I also would like to make it clear: My Josephine Baker project is an old dream and I love it but ...I also follow working with my Bossa Nova / MPB concerts and with my own music. 

So...if you want, contact me because my Josephine Baker project , you are welcome!

If you want contact me because you are interested in my Bossa Nova / MPB concerts or in my own songs, please do that! You are very welcome!

If you are a LABEL, Producer, Booker and you will be in the MIDEM this year , you are very welcome! Let's meet ? :)

Lots of kisses to all you,







Interview - About Josephine Baker project - Divertir.eu

D- Icelandic of Brazilian origin, Jussanam is currently preparing a show about the artist Joséphine Baker. With a lot of charm, she will trace the career of the artist. Internet users can also support their project in crowdfunding.


D- Jussanam,can you present us the show about Josephine Baker that you are preparing? How do you imagine, what will be the staging ...?

J- We play a program where the vast majority of songs have never been performed by other shows that speak about Josephine Baker. It is a spetacle where we show the soul of Josephine but, an older Josephine. This is the Josephine I love, I do not sing like the Josephine of the 20s but I sing the Josephine mature.
The show is an independent production, a singer / actress and 4 musicians on stage. I sing and tell important parts of the life and career of Josephine Baker, we recalled that she was the first International Black Star, born American and who became French. We recall his last concert at the Bobino in Paris in 1975, his concert in Monte Carlo-Monaco, his international tour that includes South America and my country, Brazil. A show with lots of rhythms and a lot of emotion too.
We talk about her life as a mother with her 12 children at Château Les Milandes and her dream of a world without racism, a world of peace and unity.
The show has already had its premiere with the support of the Cannes City on 24/02/18 and with the presence of Josephine Baker's family members. The show has the approval of Josephine's family and they ask me to go ahead, don't stop. But it's difficult without support. For that, I seek support on an online platform (Ulule).

D- Why make a show about Josephine Baker? What do you like about the singer?
J- Josephine Baker is an old passion of me. Her life and career are a great inspiration. Her strength, her courage, her talent and her love for people are the things I like about her.

D- What personal touch will you give to the show?
J- My Brazilian touch, I was born in Rio de Janeiro, the city of Samba and Carnival. So, my touch is a Brazilian touch. And I do not dance the banana dance but, there is a surprise anyway.

What is your favorite song of Josephine Baker?
I chose for this show all my favorites. So, I like the whole program. But I can mention: J'ai deux amours, Avec and Vivre as my favorites.

Josephine Baker had many values ​​and artistic qualities, which ones would you like to continue to transmit?
J- Generosity on stage and in life, joie de vivre, the love for art and the love for children and for people in general.

D- You are currently doing crowdfunding, how will that help you?
The crowdfunding will help me to go ahead with the show, to pay the costs of the production, the new places for the performances (Theaters), we want to go everywhere in France with the show if we find the financing.

You can support Jussanam's show about Josephine Baker on Ulule.

D- What do you like about having an independent production? What are your main difficulties?
J- An independent production means that I have a total control of the artistic part and that is very good. We do art with all the love we have. But it's too difficult to see things grow if we do not have support, if we are alone and for that we arrive at a time we say: I need support, I need new collaborators, I need a Team.

D- When and where should the show begin?
J- The show must re-start as soon as we find the means to pay the technical costs / theaters / transport etc. We are ready, the production is ready. We find the funding, we re-start right away.

D- Will we be able to get some artifacts from the show, such as CDs or DVDs?
J- Yes, I also want to make a CD of the show and later a DVD. But for all that I need to find the funding.

D-Like Josephine Baker, you know different cultures: Brazil, Iceland ... Would you like to play this show in other countries?
J- Yes, that's the goal. In 2012 I managed to tour with my Brazilian music in all the Scandinavian countries with the support of the Nordic Culture Fund.
Now, I'm looking for support to do even more than that, with this project singing Josephine Baker. We start with France and after yes, we want to play in many other countries.

D-What do you want to say to finish?
J- We are ready! Support us and we'll arrive very soon with Josephine Baker near you. We would come with art, talent, our happiness and all our love. Thank you!

D-Merci à Jussanam d'avoir répondu à nos questions !
Suivez son actualité sur Facebook et sur son site internet.

Read more at http://www.divertir.eu/blog/spectacles/jussanam-realise-un-spectacle-sur-josephine-baker.html#OMRcZtaSf8kf0yzt.99

Jussanam AVEC Josephine Baker

Hi dears, this one is a very glad post. I even can say the most glad post ever! Because I realised a dream of long date, to singing Josephine Baker and telling her history with my Brazilian touch and with a lot of Brazilian rythmics. Yes, I am a Josephine Baker a la Bresilienne! :) But, without forget her soul , her essence. 

We had our premiere las Saturday, 24/02/18 in the Theatre Alexandre III in Cannes. 

The public and her family approuved the spectacle. How happy I am!


Can you imagine what it means to sing Josephine Baker with members of her family in the audience? Lots of emotion!!! I am so grateful that they came. Her son Louis Bouillon Baker is just a lovely one and I thanks his brother Jeannot Bouillon Baker that started to share the publicity of my concert on his facebook , calling attention of the rest of the family. I also thanks Delphine, Josephine Bake's grand-daughter because was her that made all contacts with me before the premiere. Delphine's brother  and his little daughter as well her husband also came and they are also very nice . Big thanks to the family!!! Who knows the little one will be an artiste as Josephine, because she got very excited when I asked then to come to stage to get some pictures with me. :)

I also need to say, how wonderful my musiciens are and say here a Big Thanks to them:

Eros Cordogli - Pianiste / Arrangeur - He did a wonderful job! His job with the partitions was vital to our project.

Georges Ferrero - Bassiste - A great musicien! Amazing!

Luciano Dantas - The only Brazilian as me, between the musiciens ! He is Great!

Cedric Le Donne - Batteur - The best I could have in the French Riviera, what a talent!

Then, I have the right musiciens for this project!

I created the spectacle and I directed myself on it ! ahahahhaha, no easy at all, lots of work but I am so proud of the result!

I am a Josephine Baker without bananes! :)

Do you know, I am an independent artist, I don't have a producer, or manager, or whatever professional to help with my artistic job in Europe. Sometimes, I think is not fair with me, follow this way, so alone, but if I don't do myself , when the things will happen? It's better to do myself! I have lots of things to show and I just can't keep to myself. When I see the happiness of my public I know my work it is worth! When everything is done , I know I accomplished my mission. Then, we go ahead! 

I got very beautiful messages of people that were in the audience 24/02, saying that they would love if I will get be more known , I got also a message from the Josephine Baker's family asking me to don't stop and show this spetacle more and more.They say they recognize my hard work on this project and they say about lots of emotion watching that and that it was really beautiful. Then...what do you think I will do? I hope show this concert everywhere that Will be possible. In France, abroad everywhere! Everywhere that are people interested in to know and remember the wonderful artiste and woman, Josephine Baker was!

Merci mes amours, Jean-Marc Laniece et ma fille Jaqueline Luquez pour tout soutien!

Merci Josephine Baker! Merci d'etre AVEC moi!!!











Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018 !!!

Hello Dears,

Do you know I am preparing a Show where I will sing Josephine Baker and where I will remember also her fascinating  history?

Yes, we will make our Premiere in 24/02/2018 21;00  at  Theater Alexandre III, in Cannes. Independent Production.  Due the restaurations in the Miramar Theater the Cannes City changed the place of our Premiere to the Theater Alexqander III

Since I am so involved with my project about Josephine, I would love to share with you a very  touching video of a Christmas in the Josephine Baker's house with her children. She, in fact, adopted 12 children from several Countries, different cultures and religions and colours and they became her children, they rised up with her love, she was really their mother. 

Josephine Baker's dream was a better world where the humanity could live in peace, love and fraternity.

Every year we make our best wishes to the New Year but every year there are children suffering because of wars, poverty, violence.

We are still waiting for a time of love and peace for children of the whole world.

I hope you all a Merry Christmas and a great New Year 2018.


Take a look - http://m.ina.fr/video/CAF90021986


Singing at Le NEGRESCO


 A mythical place that does not need any introduction, the legendary Négresco reins sur la Promenade des Anglais in Nice and I had the honour to held a concert there last Saturday 23/09/2017 with Pierre Palvair on the guitar and Cedric Le Donne on the drums/percussion. Le public enjoyed the concert as we enjoyed playing for them. A lovely night .

Image may contain: night

 Image may contain: 1 person, standingImage may contain: one or more people, people sitting, table and indoor

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and indoor

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor

 Let's hope for more beautiful moments as this one,









Jazz en fete - Radio RCN

Dears,  I would like to share with you the link of my interview on Radio RCN, by Jean-Peirre Salman to the program JAZZ EN FETE recorded in 04/09/2017.

The RCB Studios are i Nice and the Italian musician Andrea Bazzicalupo was also interviewed.

Jean-Pierre Saiman was part of the Jury in the Nice Jazz Festival Contest and I was one of the finalists. After watching me singing there he invited me to be interviewed on his program. Thank you Jean-Pierre Saiman.

Take a listen:


I am an independente singer,  no manager, no producer, no Label. As I said in the interview i hope to find a Label to recorde my next CD.

It's about time, isn't it? :)

Kisses to all you!




Marine Plaisance

Last Saturday, 16/08/17, we went to play again in the beautiful Cavalaire Sur Mer. Cavalaire stays just before Saint Tropez , at the Cote D'Azur..

The concert it was in a Private party for the Marine Plaisance, responsible for the distribution of the Yatchs Prestige - Jeaneau in France and in the

region. The Company is dircted by Jean-Marc Sandre and his lovely family and it was a pleasure to play for them and their guests.

My Quartet was composed by me, Pierre Palvair, Nicolas Castagnola and Luciano Dantas.

The public enjoyed the beautiful event and our Brazilian Music.


The public could visit the yatchs exposed in the area menwhile we were playing

It was fun ! It was class ! it was really nice!

By the way I love Cavalaire sur Mer,

Thank you Marina Plaisance!





Le Chateau D'Augerville

In 2013  I traveled from France to Sweden to sing for the first time in a Castle. It was the marriage of my lovely friend and Singer Maria Rylander. It was a surprise that her parents , also musicians, prepared for her together with my musical partner Harald Erici that accompanied me on his piano. It was beautiful.An unforgettable marriage.

In 22/07/2017 I traveled from Cannes to Paris with my musiciens Georges Ferrero and Luciano Dantas to sing in a Castle: Le Chateau D'Augerville.What a beautiful place! Amazing!


We had fun with the guests that enjoyed our concert.

The interesting thing in this concert is that we had a multi-cultural guest/audience and many of them were brazilians so...we started the concert in Trio and we finished as a Sextet because some Brazilian guys enjoyed our group playing the several instruments of percussion that Luciano had in the scene. So...it was really cool! We played, we danced, we had fun !

Thank you to the Groom that have trusted on me to make part of this special moment of their life with his bride.

Cheers !!! Felicidades ao casal!




Soirees Estivales 2017


Thanks to the Conseil General of the French Riviera, each city and village can enjoy  free concerts, theater and dance spectacles with artists of all genres making the Summer here also a very cultural moment. The Conseil General promotes more than 400 spetacles in the Summer and my Jussanam Quintet was one of the groupes that have been selected by them and we played 3 concerts and 3 differents places open air.

The first place it was the Village of L'Escarene , a  nice place , with a simpathetic Priest called Evaristo that enjoyed our concert with the public. I went down of the stage to dance with the audience and they were glad as me.





The second Village it was up there in the mountains called Venanson , a beautiful village and we were very well received there and we had a very warm audience and it was nice to have many dancing meanwhile we were playing. A lovely night and concert.


Here with the SUB- City Mayor of Venanson - Monsieur MIRON Antoine - He is a lovely person that made an interesting discours presenting me and my band and he talked a little bit about my similarities with Josephine Baker, looking and trajectory. I was touchd by his words since I have a dream project about Josephine Baker. I already acted as Josephine Baker in the spetacle Casino da Urca in Rio de Janeiro many years before to move to Europe. The interestng thing is that Monsieur Miron did not know about those projects or my dreams when I arrived in the City but he first thing he said in our first talking there it was about Josephine feelings when he saw me. Very interesting, very toughtful.


The third Village it was Belvedere , also up there in the mountains. It was our biggest audience of the 3 concerts and it was wonderful ot receive so many claps when we did play my own compositions. I also danced with the audience in this one. The children were the first to start dancing, interesting.It was a lovely night , closing very well ours concerts for the Conseil General - Soirees Estivales.


Jussanam ,Jo Kaiat, Pat Taboni, Yann Roaldes, Alain Caruba

Merci Conseil General des Alpes Maritimes. Merci L'Escarene, Merci Venanson, Merci Belvedere!






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