Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018 !!!

Hello Dears,

Do you know I am preparing a Show where I will sing Josephine Baker and where I will remember also her fascinating  history?

Yes, we will make our Premiere in 24/02/2018 21;00  at  Theater Alexandre III, in Cannes. Independent Production.  Due the restaurations in the Miramar Theater the Cannes City changed the place of our Premiere to the Theater Alexqander III

Since I am so involved with my project about Josephine, I would love to share with you a very  touching video of a Christmas in the Josephine Baker's house with her children. She, in fact, adopted 12 children from several Countries, different cultures and religions and colours and they became her children, they rised up with her love, she was really their mother. 

Josephine Baker's dream was a better world where the humanity could live in peace, love and fraternity.

Every year we make our best wishes to the New Year but every year there are children suffering because of wars, poverty, violence.

We are still waiting for a time of love and peace for children of the whole world.

I hope you all a Merry Christmas and a great New Year 2018.


Take a look -

Singing at Le NEGRESCO


 A mythical place that does not need any introduction, the legendary Négresco reins sur la Promenade des Anglais in Nice and I had the honour to held a concert there last Saturday 23/09/2017 with Pierre Palvair on the guitar and Cedric Le Donne on the drums/percussion. Le public enjoyed the concert as we enjoyed playing for them. A lovely night .

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 Let's hope for more beautiful moments as this one,









Jazz en fete - Radio RCN

Dears,  I would like to share with you the link of my interview on Radio RCN, by Jean-Peirre Salman to the program JAZZ EN FETE recorded in 04/09/2017.

The RCB Studios are i Nice and the Italian musician Andrea Bazzicalupo was also interviewed.

Jean-Pierre Saiman was part of the Jury in the Nice Jazz Festival Contest and I was one of the finalists. After watching me singing there he invited me to be interviewed on his program. Thank you Jean-Pierre Saiman.

Take a listen:

I am an independente singer,  no manager, no producer, no Label. As I said in the interview i hope to find a Label to recorde my next CD.

It's about time, isn't it? :)

Kisses to all you!




Marine Plaisance

Last Saturday, 16/08/17, we went to play again in the beautiful Cavalaire Sur Mer. Cavalaire stays just before Saint Tropez , at the Cote D'Azur..

The concert it was in a Private party for the Marine Plaisance, responsible for the distribution of the Yatchs Prestige - Jeaneau in France and in the

region. The Company is dircted by Jean-Marc Sandre and his lovely family and it was a pleasure to play for them and their guests.

My Quartet was composed by me, Pierre Palvair, Nicolas Castagnola and Luciano Dantas.

The public enjoyed the beautiful event and our Brazilian Music.


The public could visit the yatchs exposed in the area menwhile we were playing

It was fun ! It was class ! it was really nice!

By the way I love Cavalaire sur Mer,

Thank you Marina Plaisance!





Le Chateau D'Augerville

In 2013  I traveled from France to Sweden to sing for the first time in a Castle. It was the marriage of my lovely friend and Singer Maria Rylander. It was a surprise that her parents , also musicians, prepared for her together with my musical partner Harald Erici that accompanied me on his piano. It was beautiful.An unforgettable marriage.

In 22/07/2017 I traveled from Cannes to Paris with my musiciens Georges Ferrero and Luciano Dantas to sing in a Castle: Le Chateau D'Augerville.What a beautiful place! Amazing!


We had fun with the guests that enjoyed our concert.

The interesting thing in this concert is that we had a multi-cultural guest/audience and many of them were brazilians so...we started the concert in Trio and we finished as a Sextet because some Brazilian guys enjoyed our group playing the several instruments of percussion that Luciano had in the scene. was really cool! We played, we danced, we had fun !

Thank you to the Groom that have trusted on me to make part of this special moment of their life with his bride.

Cheers !!! Felicidades ao casal!




Soirees Estivales 2017


Thanks to the Conseil General of the French Riviera, each city and village can enjoy  free concerts, theater and dance spectacles with artists of all genres making the Summer here also a very cultural moment. The Conseil General promotes more than 400 spetacles in the Summer and my Jussanam Quintet was one of the groupes that have been selected by them and we played 3 concerts and 3 differents places open air.

The first place it was the Village of L'Escarene , a  nice place , with a simpathetic Priest called Evaristo that enjoyed our concert with the public. I went down of the stage to dance with the audience and they were glad as me.





The second Village it was up there in the mountains called Venanson , a beautiful village and we were very well received there and we had a very warm audience and it was nice to have many dancing meanwhile we were playing. A lovely night and concert.


Here with the SUB- City Mayor of Venanson - Monsieur MIRON Antoine - He is a lovely person that made an interesting discours presenting me and my band and he talked a little bit about my similarities with Josephine Baker, looking and trajectory. I was touchd by his words since I have a dream project about Josephine Baker. I already acted as Josephine Baker in the spetacle Casino da Urca in Rio de Janeiro many years before to move to Europe. The interestng thing is that Monsieur Miron did not know about those projects or my dreams when I arrived in the City but he first thing he said in our first talking there it was about Josephine feelings when he saw me. Very interesting, very toughtful.


The third Village it was Belvedere , also up there in the mountains. It was our biggest audience of the 3 concerts and it was wonderful ot receive so many claps when we did play my own compositions. I also danced with the audience in this one. The children were the first to start dancing, interesting.It was a lovely night , closing very well ours concerts for the Conseil General - Soirees Estivales.


Jussanam ,Jo Kaiat, Pat Taboni, Yann Roaldes, Alain Caruba

Merci Conseil General des Alpes Maritimes. Merci L'Escarene, Merci Venanson, Merci Belvedere!






Summer Festivals

Hi Dears, hope you are having a good time,

My Summer in the French Riviera brought some very nice concerts. I have been selected by the judges of 3 Jazz Festivals Contests- Nice Jazz,

Caval'air jazz and Jazz a venir a Porquerolles , got be finalist and performed to the public and the judges in all 3. In fact, the selection have been

based in my own compositions that are included in my CD Rio /Reykjavik, to have own compositions is a major requirement to participate in this kind

of Festival Contest in France. To be selected it was already an award for me and I was very glad. Congrats to all finalists and winners.

Nevertheless, it was missing here with me , my Icelandic Jazz musicians with whom I worked for many years and with whom

I got a perfect musical connexion. Since they are in Iceland and could not come to play with me , I performed with different French musiciens

and since we don't play together so often and we did not have enough time to rehearsals , of course it was difficult to win something .

Another thing that made is difficult is the fact that in Iceland I had a JAZZ Band and I was working with the leading Jazz musicians of Reykjavik.

It would made the all difference to have them playing with me.

Anyway, thanks to all different musiciens that participated with me in those 3 Festivals.

I need to thanks specially the musiciens of my Trios: Pierre Palvair and Alain Caruba that help me to make a good performer in the Cavalaire Jazz

and a big thanks to Georges Ferrero and Luciano Dantas that helped me to make the best performance of all , playing with me in the Nice Jazz

Festival Contest. It was  really a very good feeling and I was very happy playing with them.

I don't have any plans to make new inscriptions to participate in this kind of contests anymore, but it was worth the experience. We have make it.

We got the finals. "Le'ts pass to another thing" as they say in France.

New projects are coming. Let's do it!







Jussanam Quintet - Jazz a venir 2017- Theatre Denis





Annex Beach - 01/04/2017

Hello dears,

Last Saturday , 01/04/2017 , we played a concert in the Annex Beach - Cannes. The place is really wonderful, as you can see on this photo. The place has new owners now and they are very nice and they are doing their best. You should drop by to confirm it.

Me, I was also very happy with the concert. It's really a pleasure to be accompanied by so great musicians as Pierre Palvair and Cedric Le Donne.

I hope to play again  with them very soon :)

Thank you all that came that night  , thank you Annex beach !










First Show 2017- La Turbie

  My first show in 2017 it was at la Turbie. A beautiful town close by Monaco , here in the French Riviera

The show it was held in the ceremony of the 2017 wishes by the City Mayor Mr. Jean-Jacques Raffaele

Between the guests , many other City Mayors, from Monaco, Beaulieu Sur Mer, Ville French, Jean Cap Ferrat and others. You can see 11 of those City Mayors on this big table on the photo below

The City Hall was totally full

We played in Quartet, Alain Caruba, me, Jo Kaiat and Pat Taboni

It was very nice to start the year singing and specially in a event like this one.

Thank you La Turbie!!! Happy 2017!!!


CD Rio / Reykjavik

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