“Jussanam was born in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil and became Icelandic Citizen in june 2011 by the Icelandic Parliament due her artistic habilities, contribuition for Icelandic Cultural life and strong relation with Iceland and its people”. She is living in South of France , since July 2013.

She sang in the traditional "Fete de la Poterie" in 2013 invited by the Vallauris City and she was contracted by the Grand Hyatt Hotel Martinez to sing in June 2014 at their Z Plage at la Croisette in Cannes, at Villa Domergue and at Le Suquet des Arts  invited by Le Mairie de Cannes in 2015.

Before becoming a singer, Jussanam was an established actress, performing in a number of Brazilian television dramas and in the Brazilian theater.Her talent as an actress can explain a little bit the excellent feedback that she has received from audiences and critics and the brilliant interpretations that she does when she sings. She also  worked dubbing movies, soap operas and animations, contracted by the Herbert Richers Studios for several years before moving to Europe.

Jussanam moved to Icelandic capital of Reykjavik in 2008, where she has collaborated with the composer and bassist Tomas R. Einarsson, one of the foremost Icelandic Jazz musician, with whom she sang on the TV program of the biggest audience in Iceland at that time, Kastljós, broadcasting her singing trough the whole country.After that, Jussanam have been  working with the best Jazz musicians in the country.

Her first CD “Ela é Carioca” was produced by herself in Iceland with songs by Tom Jobim and released in 2009 in the Salurinn with support of the Kopavogur city. The CD got excelent critic as well her concerts.

She has also collaborated with the Swedish  pianist Harald Erici, with whom she performed in "Brasilicum" (Gothenburg, 2009) and at Kalmar Festival 2010-Sweden.

Her Nordic Tour 2012 accompanied by the Icelandic jazz pianist Agnar Mar Magnusson (August/September), approved and supported by the Nordic Culture  Fund involved: Sweden (Stockholm and Gothemburgo), Denmark (Copenhagen), Norway (Oslo), Finland (Helsink) and Iceland (Selfoss, Borganes, þorlakshöfn, Höfn) and it was well suceeded.

Her's second independent CD "Rio / Reykjavik came out in November 2012 and got excelent reviews. The new Cd "Rio / Reykjavik has 10 songs and 6 of them written by Jussanam in partnership with composers from Iceland, Sweden and USA. Her Icelandic Band on this CD- Asgeir Asgeirsson, Haukur Grondal, Agnar Mar Magnusson, Birgir Bragasson, Mathias Hemstock and Cheick Bangoura

Musicians with whom she have played in France- Pierre Palvair, Jean-Yves Mestre, Eric Prive, Max Miguel, Cedric Le Donne, Franck Le Donne, Paul Bertault, Nicolas Castagnola.

New Jussanam Band is composed by.

Jo Kaiat, Alain Caruba, Yan Roald and Pat Taboni



CD Rio / Reykjavik

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